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7 best android smackdown games 2018

Claim to be a SmackDown lover but have never played these games? Here are Jaka's recommendations for the 7 best SmackDown Android games in 2018.

The sport of wrestling combined with elements of entertainment or better known as SmackDown become one of the most popular shows in the world. The game version, whether on console, PC or mobile/Android, is also selling well.

This time, ApkVenue will give you a recommendation seven of the best SmackDown Android games in 2018 for you to play John Cena, Rey Mysterio or any of your favorite characters.

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7 Best Android SmackDown Games 2018

SmackDown itself is actually one of the parts or programs created World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Bringing a mix of professional sports and entertainment, SmackDown is becoming more popular when compared to conventional wrestling.

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Not only for the show of matches, the SmackDown game is also in great demand by gamers from various types of devices. For you Android users, here are the seven best SmackDown games of 2018 that you can play on your Android smartphone or device.

1. WWE Mayhem

It is one of the most popular WWE games. This is proven by the inclusion of this game in one of the ranks of the editor's choice alias Editor's Choice on the Google Play Store. WWE Mayhem also got rating highest when compared to other SmackDown games, which is 4.5.

You can collect as many WWE superstars as you want and create your dream team in the created game Reliance Big Entertainment this. Played tag team or fight for the WWE championship belt, you can choose many events others that also exist in the real world such as Royal Rumble, Hell in a Cell or Wrestlemania.

Download: WWE Mayhem

2. WWE Immortals

Want to feel the sensation of playing a different SmackDown? Then you really have to try the game WWE Immortals this. As you can see in coverBy the way, this game features WWE superstars you've never seen before. Randy Orton, The Undertaker and other superstars will be packaged like fighter characters ala Mortal Kombat.

The arena and fighting style are not in the SmackDown ring and professional wrestling style, but are modified like fighting games like Street Fighter or Tekken. The fun is, each superstar will have supermoves aka the ultimate move to finish off the opponent's blood and win the fight.

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3. WWE Champions - Free Puzzle RPG Game

As the name of the game implies, this time it's an action RPG themed SmackDown that you can make a choice. In this game, you will not fight directly, but you only need to arrange puzzle which is available. Your move will then move the superstar you choose to beat the enemy.

Carrying a different concept, game made Scopely it has become one of the most popular. It is evident from the number of Android users who havedownloadWWE Champions - Free Puzzle RPG Game reached more than ten million. Rating obtained is also fairly high, namely 4.3.

Download: WWE Champions - Free Puzzle RPG Game

4. Wrestling Revolution 3D

Wrestling Revolution 3D made with the exact same concept as the one in WWE. You can play single match battles or take part in various events such as Tag Team Championship, Royal Rumble to Cage Mode according to your wishes.

Although in terms of graphics it is not as sophisticated as the previous games, the games that were created MDickie It is also quite popular because it has beendownload more than fifty million Android users. Are you one of them?

Download: Wrestling Revolution 3D


5. WWE 2K

WWE 2K recognized as one SmackDown Android game the most authentic with characters similar to the original WWE superstars. Not only using existing characters, you can create your own superstar character in this game.

2K, Inc. as the developer who made this game also provides career mode which allows your superstar to start a career from debut to winning various titles and entering the ranks of the Hall of Fame.

Download: WWE 2K

6. WWE Tap Mania

Game with original title WWE Tap Mania: Get in the Ring in this Idle Tapper It also carries a slightly different concept from the others. How to play it is simpler by just tapping or tap as many as possible to control the superstar of your choice.

Although simple, the graphics created SEGA in fact still in the best quality. In fact, characters that are made like characters in cartoons make WWE superstars more funny and fun to play. Interested in joining the more than one million Android users who are already playing this game?

Download: WWE Tap Mania

7. Ultimate Superstar Wrestling

The last one is Ultimate Superstar Wrestling which is a game created by Open Sky Studio. This game provides various modes that are exactly the same as those in WWE in the real world. You can play the newest characters or WWE legends.

Although until this article was written, this game has only been downloaded by one hundred thousand Android smartphone users, this game is one of the most popular choices for those of you who are looking for game with the best SmackDown theme.

Download: Ultimate Superstar Wrestling

That's a recommendation seven of the best SmackDown Android games for you to play in 2018. Of the seven games above, which one would you like to play first? Or do you have other game recommendations that are no less exciting than the seven above? Don't hesitate to say it in the comments column.

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