7 best minecraft house designs

Building a house in Minecraft requires creativity and patience. Like the following Minecraft house design which has a cool architectural form!

Do you like playing Minecraft?

Minecraft is really fun to play, from the challenge of survival against enemies to building your own empire.

No wonder many players share their building results on the internet. Not a few also make it as video material for Youtube.

However, building in Minecraft takes patience and skill. For those of you who are lazy, you can also use other people's designs.

Like the following best Minecraft house designs that you can download and install in Minecraft Java. Come on, see more below!

Best Minecraft House Design With Professional Architecture

Minecraft is a sandbox or open world game created and developed by Mojang. This game was first released in 2011 for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

This game then developed and continued to experience renewal so that it became a famous game to this day.

Minecraft itself is loved by many people because of its unique and interesting playing style. Moreover, there are many game modes to choose from.

Starting from survival mode, creative, hardcore, adventure, and spectator. You can challenge yourself to survive the cold night in survival mode.

You can also create an empire with your own architecture in creative mode. Those of you who like to build buildings or houses, are suitable for playing this game.

However, building buildings in this game is not as easy as city simulator games, yes. You have to build a building from the ground up.

Like real-world buildings, building buildings in Minecraft is quite difficult and time-consuming. Like the following buildings that can be the best Minecraft house designs.

Each of the designs listed below, you can download and install into your Minecraft Java. If you don't understand how to install it, ApkVenue will also tell you how in this article.

1. Villa Padronale

The first Minecraft house design is Villa Padronale. This design was created by a player with the username BIRBO_.

Villa Padronale is a luxury villa nestled among the mountains. You can find 4 indoor and outdoor swimming pools, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, more than 7 living rooms, and more.

This building is dominated by white with luxurious materials such as spruce planks, birch planks, glass, and quartz. Good soul!

You can only install this map on Minecraft version 1.13.2.

Download the free Villa Padronale map here.

2. Wentworth Mansion

Do you want to stop by a luxurious building with a classic design?

You can drop by Wentworth Mansion created by MINDBENDER0007. This building has a very large building area.

Complete with 36 rooms spread over 4 floors. Not only that, there is also a garden in front of the house with a fountain.

The interior design of this house is also very cool with a variety of luxury building-style architecture. Wentworth Mansion you can only enjoy on Minecraft version 1.8.

Download the free Wentworth Mansion map here.

3. Paradise Manor

The next is Paradise Manor created by MR. LUMPKINS. As the name suggests, this house has a very beautiful shape and view like in heaven.

A variety of home furniture is also provided at Paradise Manor such as cupboards, benches, TV, trophy boxes, lamps, to fountain statues.

Not only that, there is a giant bridge provided for the road to the house, making it even more luxurious.

Moreover, there are forests and seas surrounding this house, so it deserves to be called Paradise Manor. You can only enjoy Paradise Manor on Minecraft version 1.12.2.

Download the free Paradise Manor map here.

4. Future Home

Not only Paradise Manor, MR. LUMPKINS also create a modern house with various futuristic elements in a house.

Future Home equipped with various kinds of technology and games such as CCTV cameras to bowling fields.

This house is dominated by white walls and many windows that make it luxurious. Future Home can only be enjoyed on Minecraft version 1.12.2.

Download the free Future Home map here.

5. Modern Beach House

Remember the superhero movie, The Dark Knight Rises?

Bruce Wayne's house on the edge of the lake with a beautiful view. A player named MARCUSYU build a similar house.

Modern Beach House equipped with a terrace overlooking the beach and various cozy rooms.

Like a luxury house, this Modern Beach House is also equipped with various luxurious rooms that make you comfortable just by looking at it.

You can only enjoy Modern Beach House on Minecraft version 1.8.

Download the free Modern Beach House map here.

6. The Dust

The Dust not only in the online game Counter Strike, but also in Minecraft. Created by a player with the username DANIEL, the Minecraft house design he made is very unique.

Maybe it's more appropriate to call it a very cool ex-mining village. You can enjoy a number of buildings surrounded by sand and dirt.

Don't forget the pool at the top of the village, making it even more interesting. You can only enjoy The Dust on Minecraft version 1.13.2.

Download the free The Dust map here.

7. Modern Waterfront Home

Modern Waterfront Home this is the next house made by MARCUSYU. The Minecraft house design that he made this time was more complex with the use of bridges.

He used the swamp area to build a Modern Waterfront Home. Like a villa on a lake, the various buildings in this map are connected by a cool wooden bridge.

A cool exterior is incomplete if it is not equipped with a capable interior. Modern Waterfront Home is equipped with a room full of lights.

And there is an all-glass room that leads to a view of the forest. You can enjoy Modern Waterfront Home in Minecraft version 1.8.

Download the free Modern Waterfront Home map here.

How to Install Map to Minecraft Java

Installing a map into your Minecraft is relatively easy, gang. You first make sure that the Minecraft version you have is the same as the map version.

After that, download the file that ApkVenue has provided. Files available in the format zip, so you have to open it using an app to open the RAR file.

After that a folder will appear containing the data folder. You can directly move the folder to the save location default on your Minecraft.

If you're having trouble finding the save folder, follow these steps to find its location:

Step 1 - Open Minecraft Launcher

  • Open the Minecraft launcher according to the same version as the house map that you want to install.

Step 2 - Select Launch option, then click Add New

Step 3 - Click the green arrow

Step 4 - Go to Saves folder, move folder folder.

  • You only need to move the folder folder that has been downloaded to this file. Then, the map will appear on the game load page. It's easy, right!

That's the best Minecraft house design that you can download and enjoy for yourself. Are you interested in creating your own buildings and sharing them with others?

Write your opinion in the comments column, yes. See you in the next article!

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