10 line games that are most suitable to be played when relaxing

Line has become popular among gadget users since its launch in mid-2011. Are you a LINE user? Don't just use it for chatting or communication. Let's play your LINE game!

LINE is a popular messaging application that allows users to send various types of messages, including text, voice, picture, video, and voice calls for free. Line has become popular among gadget users since its launch in mid-2011.

Are you a LINE user? Don't just use it for chatting or communication. LINE also has a collection of fun games that you can play with your Line account. Call it the game Let's Get Rich which is so popular among LINE users. However, apart from Let's Get Rich, the developer LINE Corporation also produces many other exciting games that you can play anytime. The following is 10 Games from LINE that are suitable for you to play when you are relaxing.

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10 Best LINE Games to Play When Relaxing

1. LINE Bubble

This puzzle game from Line is really fun and not boring even if you play it many times. LINE Bubble is a simple game in which you are tasked with connect the bubbles the same to make them break and collect points.

You can invite fellow LINE users to play together or compete for the highest ranking. Be careful not to let the bubbles reach the bottom of the screen so the game doesn't end.

2. LINE Pokopang

LINE Pokopang is a puzzle game that simple and addictive. You just need to help a cute character named BONI and his family and friends to solve the puzzle and defeat the monsters. The trick is to combine more than 3 consecutive blocks of the same color. When the block is eliminated, it will shoot fruit to get rid of the monsters.

3. LINE I Love Coffee

In this game you will be a luxury cafe owner and prosperous which will be crowded with visitors. You can manage your cafe however you like. Your job is to make good coffee with various recipes with the waiters to satisfy the customers. There are various types of coffee such as Caramel Macchiato, Espresso, American coffee and so on. Remember, don't let any disappointed customers leave the cafe!

4. LINE Rangers

LINE also has games role player or RPG with unique and cute characters typical of LINE. Here you will turn into Rangers and leave save character kidnapped by foreign troops. Create your own team with over 400 cute characters. Join exciting battles with equipment and arenas that you can choose for yourself. If the battle is too difficult, you can call your friends for help.

5. LINE Cookie Run

LINE Cookie Run invites you into the cute and cute world of Cookies. As a cookie, you must defeat the evil witch before he slams you in oven and make you a delicious dinner. Walk, jump and shift to save yourself. You can play with your fellow LINE users for a more exciting game.

6. LINE Disney Tsum Tsum

There is Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, and various other Disney characters in this LINE game. You are tasked with solving puzzles that are shaped like faces cute characters from Disney by combining at least three of the same character in a row to destroy them and earn points.

7. LINE Pop

Everyone's favorite LINE characters are here to join in the fun and exciting battles. This LINE game is really suitable to be played when relaxing. You have to collect Block Cookies to complete the mission and win the game.

8. LINE Rush

Sally's cute character has turned evil because of the cursed sunglasses she accidentally finds. Sally, assisted by the Kuru monsters, begins spread chaos on LINEland. You have to help other characters such as Brown, Cony, Leonard, and Jessica to bring Sally back to being herself and clean up all the mess that happened. This game is kind of Subway Surf or Temple Run which is played by running and running.

9. LINE Wind Runner

Not much different from LINE Rush, the LINE Wind Runner game also has a running theme. You will be the character assigned to run as far as possible while avoid all obstacles which exists. The obstacles that you will face are in various forms such as abysses, fireballs, ice thorns, and so on. Don't forget to take as many stars as you meet to get points.

10. LINE Fighter

One more RPG games from LINE which is suitable to be played when relaxing. You must save the city which is in danger due to the arrival of criminals. You will fight with weapons, armor, and accessories with all kinds of effects. LINE's signature fresh graphics with cute characters who turn into fighters will make you addicted to playing this game while relaxing.

That's 10 Android LINE Games that are suitable to be played when relaxing. There are still so many other fun and interesting LINE games. Make sure you try any or all of them. Guaranteed, you won't be bored!

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