30 fun android apps december 2018 edition

Are you looking for the most exciting Android app this year? Here Jaka gives a collection of the best and most exciting android applications in 2018. (Can be downloaded)

As an Android user, you are certainly spoiled with millions of applications ranging from small applications that seem less useful, to serious applications that very useful.

All available on Google Play Store.

This time, ApkVenue will give 30 recommendations fun android app December 2018 edition. What are you curious about? Check out his review below.

Fun Android Apps December 2018 Edition

Every month there are always new applications. Of the series of new applications, of course there are those that can be categorized as the most exciting applications because apart from being useful, they are also fun to use. Examples of these applications:

1. Vero - True Social

Photo source: Android Headlines

Although not 100% social media, Vero you could say is a social media application that makes activities share so it's more like real life.

By using this application, you can share photos, favorite songs, movie recommendations, cool hangout spots and anything. You can also set who can see what you share.

Download: Vero - True Social

2. iOS 12 Launcher

No need to take out budget It's great to be able to experience the features in the latest iPhone XS. You can feel the sensation of using iPhone XS by using iOS 12 Launcher on your smartphone or Android device.

Even a cheap Android smartphone can give you the experience of holding an iPhone XS with launcher this one.

Apps Utilities DOWNLOAD

3. Sniper WhatsApp Pro

One of the newest applications that can be used to perform fun tricks on the WhatsApp application.

Yes, Sniper WhatsApp Pro You can use it to find up to thousands of new WhatsApp contacts in a certain area of ​​your choosing. The complete way? You can find out and learn in this article.

Apps Social & Messaging DOWNLOAD

4. Firefox Rocket

Firefox Rocket - Fast and Lightweight is the latest browser released by the Mozilla Organization. This browser is designed to be very light and fast, coupled with the Turbo Mode feature.

Interestingly, this one browser you can use to do screenshots length very easily!

VIEW ARTICLE Mozilla Organization Browser Apps DOWNLOAD

5. Fake Call Ghost Prank

As the name implies, this one application is an application that you must try if you want to prank the people closest to you.

Fake Call Ghost Prank guaranteed to succeed in frightening anyone you try to work with because this application will make the 'victim' feel like getting a phone call from an astral creature aka ghost. Interested in trying it right away?

Apps Entertainment DOWNLOAD

Application No. 6-10

6. Nimo TV

Real name app Nimo TV for Streamer - Go Live This is an application that you must try if you claim to be a gamer.

This application is a platform live streaming which is intended for gamers to play and show it to other gamers or all followers who follow them in the app. You can learn how to use it in full here.

Nimo TV Video & Audio Apps DOWNLOAD

7. Couple Tracker

The most exciting application for those of you who are in a relationship with a partner. Yes, Couple Tracker - Mobile Monitor is an application that you can use to monitor your partner's activities for 24 hours non-stop!

Yes, this application is able to monitor SMS activity, phone calls, to activities on social media such as Facebook and Instagram once your cellphone and partner are connected.

Apps Productivity DOWNLOAD

8. LINE TODAY News & Exclusive Videos

You loyal users of the Line chat application must also often stop by the LINE TODAY tab which contains updates latest news from various fields.

Now, you can have a special LINE TODAY application that only focuses on reading the latest news. The app is named LINE TODAY News & Exclusive Videos.

Apps Social & Messaging DOWNLOAD

9. Who Viewed My Instagram

Do you often wonder who is stalking you or actively monitoring your Instagram? Application Who Viewed My Instagram is the answer.

This app will tell you who has visited your Instagram profile the most, along with the number of visits and the time.

Apps Social & Messaging DOWNLOAD

10. Trendy Hijab Tutorial

Another fun Android app is Trendy Hijab Tutorial. Eid day which falls in June 2018 is indeed the right moment for you to try this one application.

For women who want to look their best on Eid day, you must use this application because it will guide you to use a beautiful hijab at once trendy.


Application No. 11-15

11. Replica

Photo source: Medium

Replica is an application that you can confide in friends with chat on Android.

Don't worry, you don't need to be afraid that your chat won't connect because this application uses artificial intelligence aka artificial intelligence (AI). You have friends chat girlfriend taste stand by whenever you need.

Apps Utilities DOWNLOAD

12. AR Stickers: Foodmoji

Photo source: Android Police

Have food shaped emoji favorite? Can! One of the most exciting applications that must be on your Android smartphone is Foodmoji.

This app gives you a wide selection of stickers, to be precise Augmented Reality (AR) Food-shaped stickers that you can use or share with your friends. Fun, isn't it?

Download: AR Stickers: Foodmoji

13. AR Stickers: Text

If Foodmoji provides emojis and stickers in the form of food, this time it's your turn to use AR Stickers in the form of text or words.

AR Stickers: Text is an application that allows you to create stickers containing any words you want to type, and you can design them as attractive as possible.

Download: AR Stickers: Text

14. Words With Friends 2

You are happy with the game Scrabble certainly no stranger to playing this one game.

Almost the same as the first series, Words With Friends 2 requires players to string words to produce the highest points. The winner of course is the one who collects the highest points.

Download: Words With Friends 2

15. Notification History Log

Often accidentally do swipe and delete unread notifications?

Don't be afraid, application Notification History Log allows you to bring back the notifications that have been lost. You can read the complete guide in this article.

Apps Utilities ikva eSolutions DOWNLOAD

Application No. 16-20

16. South Park: Phone Destroyer

A game that is really suitable for you to play when you are tired and stressed. South Park: Phone Destroyer which has about 80 cute characters and various game modes guaranteed to be fun to play and will entertain you.

Those of you who don't really like heavy games but need a light game that doesn't get boring? This game is the answer.

Download: South Park: Phone Destroyer

17. Monument Valley 2

Just like the first in the series, Monument Valley 2 It also brings fun that is not to be missed.

With storyline which is more minimal and better graphic design, this one game is even considered as one of the most anticipated games for release all year 2017.

Download: Monument Valley 2

18. Clarity Money - Personal Finance

This application is actually an application that helps users manage their finances. Then what's the fun?

Clarity Money - Personal Finance has many useful features that can manage your expenses such as spending priority recommendations, shopping plans, monitoring to prohibit less important purchases. Of course it's nice to have a free 'financial assistant' that can save you money, right?

Apps Productivity Clarity Money, Inc DOWNLOAD

19. Facebook Local

It seems there is no end to talk about this one social network. Mark Zuckerberg and colleagues re-create a Facebook application called Facebook Local.

Fun Android apps this one has the advantage of a feature that allows users to monitor updates and information in the environment around where they live, so that the user will no longer be left behind or called a coup or lack of updates.

20. Squarespace Analytics

This application serves for the analysis process for those who are engaged in the business world. Exciting? Apart from being easy to use, Squarespace Analytics feel light and uncomplicated.

It will be easier for users to monitor various data, making it easier for them to make decisions, even those that are crucial.

Download: Squarespace Analytics

Application No. 21-25

21. Viewster

For those of you who like to watch, this one application is definitely a must try. Viewster is an application that offers services streaming free movies and TV series.

Although not as big as service streaming On the other hand, Viewster has several excellent features that can be taken into consideration, such as not having to do anything sign up, feature watch later a la YouTube, until the collection of Anime series is quite complete.

22. PUFnPOW Food

Those of you who are often confused about what to eat, either because you have too much money or are confused about choosing food to chew, then you really need to have this application.

PUFnPOW Food will provide recommendations on what foods are best for you to consume at that time. Believe it or not, you will definitely follow the recommendations.

Download: PUFnPOW Food

23. Graphice - extract colors from your pictures

Tired of the same filters and photo editing features? You need to try Graphice - extract colors from your pictures or simply called Graphice.

This application provides pallet Attractive colors that you can use to edit all your photos. No need to be complicated, this application will adjust the colors that are suitable for your photos for better results.

Download: Graphics

24. HabitHub - Habit and Goal Tracker

Don't forget your early year resolution to live a healthy life. Fun Android apps named HabitHub will help you maintain consistency to stay healthy and fit.

This app will manage sports schedule every day, monitoring your progress to healthy food recommendations.

Apps Productivity Randome Studios DOWNLOAD

25. Home Workout - No Equipment

Almost the same as the application above, Home Workout - No Equipment also one of the fun Android applications that are useful for maintaining your health by exercising.

This application has the advantage of providing exercise tutorials at home without special tools.

Apps Productivity Leap Fitness Group DOWNLOAD

Application No. 26-30

26. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Nintendo is back to making games that are guaranteed to be successful in making players addicted.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is one that you must try to play. This game with the core of the game doing camping activities with these animals is suitable for you to play to fill your spare time.

Download: Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

27. Fly ADS-B VR

One application that uses technology virtual reality (VR) named Fly ADS-B VR you must try too.

Those of you who aspire to be a pilot or just want to feel the sensation of being in the cockpit of an airplane can practice it using this application.

Federal Aviation Administration Productivity Apps DOWNLOAD

28. ProtonVPN - Unlimited Free VPN

For those of you who are thirsty for privacy and want to access email and browse with maintained privacy, you can try this exciting Android application.

ProtonVPN allows its users to use a free and secure VPN. This application is perfect for those of you who are struggling in the field of journalism or you are an activist.

Apps Utilities ProtonVPN AG DOWNLOAD

29. LightX Photo Editor & Photo Effects

More than just an ordinary photo editing app. That's roughly what ApkVenue can describe about the application LightX Photo Editor & Photo Effects.

As the name implies, this application provides Photoshop-class features and a variety of cool filters to make your photos fantastic.

Apps Photo & Imaging Andor Communications Pvt Ltd DOWNLOAD

30. Telegram X

Application chat this deserves to be named as one of the most exciting applications. Created as an alternative application to Telegram, Telegram X In fact, it is widely used because it is lighter.

In addition, various feature enhancements, especially in user interface makes Telegram X seem more attractive.

Download: Telegram X

That's Recommendations for the most exciting Android apps December 2018 edition. How are you? Have you tried any of the applications above? Or is it not there at all?

If not, please install these applications and immediately feel the excitement. Good luck!

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