don't format your flash drive to ntfs if you don't want it like this!

through the following article, let's review in more depth about what partition is the most suitable for your favorite flash drive.

After previously we have discussed about FAT32, NTFS, exFAT, which is the best hard disk partition format?, through the following article, let's review in more depth about what partition is the most suitable for your favorite Flashdisk.

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Don't Format Your Flash Drive To FAT32 If..

If you haven't noticed, all Flashdisks that we have encountered so far have the same partition format. Storage device portable it uses FAT32 as the default partition format. Why is that? Isn't FAT32 an old partition format and there are many more modern partition types?

The answer is because Flashdisk is a storage medium that is often used for various devices and operating systems. Due to FAT32 is a type of partition that has been around for a long time, hence the device and operating system that compatible with that partition will be more than the others.

However, problems begin to arise when you have to copy files of the size above 4GB, such as an ISO file, for example, installer single games, compressed files, and more. FAT32 cannot store large files with a size above 4 GB. Even though your flash drive has a storage size of up to 16 GB, that large file cannot be saved.

Therefore, the partition type NTFS is here to solve this common problem. NTFS has almost no limit on the copy size of a single file. It is even equipped with quota features for better security.

But, don't format your flash drive to NTFS if...

But, surely you will experience problems that are quite inconvenient if you often move using various devices and various operating systems. This is because NTFS is a partition format that is still relatively new and not many devices support it. Never mind the device portable others, operating systems like Mac OS can't even write to a device with an NTFS partition format.

So, you need to pay attention to your daily behavior. If you are aware that you oftencopy files with large sizes, then NTFS can be the right choice. However, if you need a flash drive with high compatibility, then the FAT32 partition type is still the main choice for you.

For complete info on the compatibility comparison of each partition, we also get a table that has been compiled by the team How-to Geek here.

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