You can access these 9 music streaming services for free!

Although most of them are paid, there are also streaming music services that you can access for free, without having to pay anything.

Listening to music is one way to get rid of boredom and can win the mind. No wonder the music industry is still running and becoming one of the biggest industries in the world.

With the development of today's technology, the way to listen to music has also changed. Starting from just LPs, now you can search and listen to your favorite music on your smartphone through several music service applications streaming.

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You Can Access This Music Streaming Service For Free

Although most of them are paid, there are music services too streaming which you can access for free, without having to pay anything. This time JalanTikus wants to share some music services streaming which you can access for free.

1. Spotify

Photo source: Source: Softonic

This music service is indeed a giant for its competitors with a number of more than 140 million. It's all because Spotify has good music quality, a complete number of songs, and most importantly, can be used for free. Although it can be accessed for free, users will lose some premium features, such as Offline Mode, unlimited 'Next', and playing your favorite songs.

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2. Joox

Joox is a music service streaming from China, the most popular in Indonesia because it has a few tricks to get premium access for free. You simply share the music that is playing on your social media and your Joox account will get premium access for one day. But, you can still access music services streaming without having premium access. Of course, with some inaccessible features, such as Offline Mode and VIP songs.

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3. Deezer

Photo source: Source: Forbes

Although it has been released in Indonesia since 2012, unfortunately the music service Deezer less resonated by music lovers. This French music service itself can be accessed for free with some significant reductions in its features. If you access Deezer for free, you can only enjoy 2 hours of music per day.

4. SoundCloud

Photo source: Source: USA Today

This service isn't entirely full of music, but if you're looking for a song you want to listen to, maybe you can find it on SoundCloud. Here you can share everything in the form of sound files, and other users will also be able to access files that you have uploaded.

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5. Ohdio

Maybe many of you have never heard of this streaming music service. Ohdio itself is actually an online radio site that only plays Indonesian songs. What's unique about this service is that it's free, but users can't choose the songs they want to play. So, you will only listen to songs played by Ohdio.

6. TuneIn

Photo source: Source: App Advice

This one service may also be less known by many people in Indonesia and the world, but TuneIn itself has many cool features. Service streaming from the United States itself is more like a radio station than a music service streaming other. You will be presented with 100,000 radio stations from all over the world, including Indonesia, which contains not only music, but discussions, comedy, and even sports. TuneIn itself you can enjoy for free with some ads.

7. SkyMusic

SkyMusic made by Telkomsel and PT. MelOn Indonesia is a service that has been downloaded 1 million times on Google Play with a collection of more than 6 million songs. This service itself can only be accessed by Telkomsel users with two package options, namely Basic which can be accessed without a subscription, and Premium with a subscription fee of 11 thousand / month which gives you full access to all music and plays songs offline.

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8. Guvera

Photo source: Source: Music Ally

In fact Guvera, this Australian music service has changed its name to DragonFli. The service that previously only provided streaming music has been transformed into an entertainment service to find information about something brand, ranging from videos, fashion, product offerings, to playlists that have been curated by brand certain.

9. Apple Music

Photo source: Source: Tekrevue

Due to the service market music streaming is busy, Apple is also getting into this industry by spawning services Apple Music. Actually, this music service is not free, but Apple provides 3 months free for new customers and will automatically renew at a cost of IDR 49,000 deducted from the credit card you registered.

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