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best gaming mouse dpi settings for playing games, high dpi is not necessarily the best

Until now, there are still many people who think that a high DPI gaming mouse is the best. Really?

Mouse is a hardware which is useful for moving the cursor on your computer screen. The mouse itself has evolved with the times.

If you remember, the ancient mouse still uses a rubber ball that functions as a locomotion. However, currently the mouse is based on laser and optical as the basis of the movement.

Optical mouse and laser mouse has a sophistication that the previous generation mouse did not have, one of which is ability to set DPI.

Mouse Working Mechanism Optical & Laser

Before Jaka explains what DPI is, it's a good idea to first understand the working mechanism of an optical & laser mouse, gang.

Optical mouse relies on the movement of light which is usually red. The light then gives a signal to the small camera that is in the mouse.

The camera will record the movement of the light at hundreds of points per second as long as you move the mouse. The signal from the mouse will then be converted into cursor movement on the computer.

Similar to optical mice, laser mouse work systems also rely on camera mapping to light.

The difference is, laser mice use infrared light which is often invisible to the naked eye.

What is DPI?

Mouse working mechanism optical & laser The use of cameras to map points of light on a flat plane gave rise to the term DPI, gang.

DPI or Dots per Inch is a unit used to measure the sensitivity of a mouse.

The higher the DPI used, the cursor will move further even if you move the mouse just a little.

For example, your mouse has 1600 DPI. When you move your mouse 1 inch (2.54 cm), your cursor will move by 1600 pixels.

The higher the DPI you use, the less movement of the mouse is required to move the cursor. However, a high DPI is not a guarantee that the mouse will perform better.

DPI that is too high can actually make your mouse not respond at all or be too fast. If it's like this, really, it's even troublesome, gang.

One of the differences between a regular mouse and a gaming mouse is the button switch to set the DPI on a gaming mouse. You can adjust the DPI to your needs at that time.

Oh yes, sometimes many are still confused between DPI and Sensitivity. Although similar, but both are different terms, gang.

DPI can be set via hardware or the mouse you use by pressing switch DPI on your gaming mouse. Meanwhile, sensitivity can be set via software.

Choosing the Best DPI Settings for Gaming

Currently, many mouse manufacturers sell their products with the lure of high DPI.

This makes people think that a gaming mouse with a high DPI level will make gaming skills even better.

In fact, a large DPI without context is useless, you know, gang. Indeed, really, a sensitive mouse will make our movements agile when playing games that require agility and speed.

However, when you play games that require shooting accuracy, high DPI will make it difficult for you to aim at the enemy.

When you use a weapon like a sniper, you have to be careful how you move your mouse. The mouse is moved just a little, you won't be able to aim at your enemy accurately.

A mouse with a high DPI is also very difficult for those of you who work as graphic designers or illustrators. This job requires accuracy and precision.

In a way, there is nothing wrong with DPI settings and nothing right. It all depends on taste and preference. Usually, the best DPI settings for gamers are 400 DPI, 800 DPI, and 1600 DPI.

Ordinary mice that are cheap at this time already use 1600 DPI, gang. Therefore, a high DPI level cannot be a guarantee that you will get better.

Pro players who play FPS games only use 400 DPI - 800 DPI. The reason, because they need more accuracy than speed.

In addition, high DPI will also function optimally if you use the best VGA card and monitor, gang.

Oh yes, now there are also many, you know, cheap gaming mice around Rp. 100 thousand or around Rp. 200 thousand. Adjust to your needs, yes, gang.

That's Jaka's article about the best gaming mouse DPI settings for optimal gaming. Hopefully this article can add to your insight, gang.

See you in other Jaka articles!

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