tips for playing mobile legends on pc 2gb ram without lag

This time Jaka will give tips on how to play Mobile Legends on a 2 GB RAM PC without lag. Want to know how? Watch it until it's finished.

You must have watched YouTuber Gaming play Mobile Legends and it looks a little different from yours. Yes! The problem is that the average YouTuber plays Mobile Legends instead of using an Android smartphone, but using a PC or their own laptop.

With the help of the app Android Emulators, you can already run Android applications and games on your PC or laptop. However, not all laptops can run the emulator smoothly, sometimes often feels lag or even hangs if using a PC with specifications low-end. For those of you who have a PC with only 2 GB of RAM, no need to worry. This time Jaka will give tips on how how to play Mobile Legends on PC RAM 2 GB without lag. Want to know how? Watch it until it's finished.

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Tips for Playing Mobile Legends on PC RAM 2 GB Without Lag

1. Must Use Nox Emulator

For those of you who use a 2 GB RAM PC, it is highly recommended to use an emulator called Nox. Why? Because according to Jaka, this emulator is the best light and smooth compared Bluestacks and others. You can download the application for free here.

2. Adjust Settings

For settings, you can adjust it to what Jaka has already done screenshots below this.

  • Click Settings, then in tab General please set Off on Root.
  • Next on the tab Advanced, please you set Performance Settings Becomes Customize, then set CPU 1 and RAM 512 MB. On Startup Settings choose Phone and for the resolution, please choose which one 480 x 800. Finally, in the Graphics rendering mode please choose which Compatible.
  • For settings on the tab Properties, Shortcuts, and Interface, just leave the default.

  • Finally don't forget to click Save Changes, then select Restart Now and the Nox emulator willrestart automatically, then the settings will change as you have set.

  • Until here you can play Mobile Legends without lag. But if you still feel lag, you can adjust the Mobile Legends graphics from High Becomes Medium or Low as needed.

Okay, that's a few tips from Jaka so you can do it play Mobile Legends on PC RAM 2GB without lag. What do you think? If you have suggestions or comments, please share them in the comments column below.

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