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how to hide apps on xiaomi easily!

Are you looking for a way to hide apps on Xiaomi for your private apps? Here's an easy way to hide apps on a Xiaomi cellphone!

Are you looking for how to hide apps on Xiaomi?

Sometimes there are various applications that you want to hide from friends or family who like to borrow your cellphone.

Whether it's an application that contains personal things or an m-banking application so that it is not easily misused by others. Whatever the application, you can actually hide it, you know!

You can hide applications by using various types of Xiaomi cellphones. You can also use two ways to hide the application.

Come on, see the full method below!

How to Hide Apps on Xiaomi Easily

Applications that are installed on your cellphone will usually appear in the menu, whether it's using launcher Xiaomi default or third party launcher.

If you have an application that contains private things in it, you better hide it, gang!

The way to hide it is quite easy, gang. For certain MIUI versions, there is already a built-in feature that can hide apps.

While for other types of Xiaomi cellphones, you can use third-party launchers.

Oh yes, you can also use the app for app lock to lock hidden apps.

So, even if your friends manage to find the app you've hidden, they still can't get into the app. So double, the safety?

Well, for the Xiaomi cellphone itself, you can use two ways to hide apps! Here's how!

1. Using App Lock

The first way is through App Lock feature that is only available on Xiaomi phones with MIUI 10 launcher or higher.

This feature is already embedded in the settings page. So you can access it directly without having to install additional applications or features.

Hiding applications using App Lock requires you to lock the application first.

Apps that have been locked can then be hidden for better security. This feature is certainly suitable for those of you who want more privacy.

You can see how to hide apps on Xiaomi below:

Step 1 - Open Settings then Click App Lock

Step 2 - Select Apps to Lock, then specify Lock Pattern

  • Decide which apps you want to lock, you can delete or add apps you want to lock in settings later.
  • Then, define your Lock Pattern by connecting 4 dots.

Step 3 - Sign In to Mi Account, then click settings on App Lock page

  • You can login to your Mi Account, but you can also skip this option.
  • Click the gear or settings icon in the top right corner of the App Lock page.

Step 4 - Click on Hidden Apps, then select the account you want to hide.

  • Turn on the Hidden Apps feature by clicking the column, then go to Manage Hidden Apps. Select the app you want to hide.

By hiding the application from the main page, there will be a special way to open it. Namely by returning to the main screen.

Then, you just swipe the screen with your two fingers outwards. Just like wanting to 'zoom in' an image. You will be taken to a lock page.

You can unlock with fingerprint or use lock pattern that you have made before. Then, hidden apps will appear.

Another way to hide apps is to use additional launchers. Usually launchers made by third parties have a feature to hide applications.

2. Use Launcher

Next is to use third-party launchers which you can download for free. You can have various free launchers for Android.

One launcher that has a feature to hide apps is Apex Launcher, which was developed by Android Does Team.

Apps Desktop Enhancement Android Does DOWNLOAD

This launcher is able to provide various interesting features that may not be owned by your Xiaomi. How to hide apps on Xiaomi using Apex Launcher is quite easy.

You can follow these easy steps:

Step 1 - Go to Apex Settings, then select Settings

  • You can enter these settings by long-holding on the main screen or by selecting icon Apex Settings on the main page.

Step 2 - Click Add Hidden Apps then select the app

The apps you hide will disappear from the launcher. You won't find it except through the Hidden Apps settings.

Likewise, those of you who want to use hidden applications, must go through the Hidden Apps page.

You can also lock Hidden Apps by setting it in Hidden Apps Settings. You can access this setting by clicking the gear icon on the Hidden Apps page.

Easy isn't it, how to hide apps on Xiaomi using the launcher?

That's how to hide applications on Xiaomi easily and you can do it with any type of Xiaomi cellphone.

Write your opinion in the comments column, yes. See you in the next article!

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