The 10 newest Indonesian bus simulators are free! (for android)

Riding a bus has its own challenges. But without a SIM, don't drive a real bus, it's dangerous! Just download the latest Indonesian bus simulator game!

Riding the bus is fun. But without the required SIM, you shouldn't even try it, because it's very dangerous. You better drive it in the game Bus Simulator Indonesia latest.

For you android smartphone users, you can download it in this article. Jaka has given the best choice. Starting from the good gameplay, to the best graphics. Just choose what you like.

So you can immediately see the following bus simulation game recommendations.

The Latest Indonesian Bus Simulator Game

1. Bus Simulator Indonesia 2019

Maleo Simulation Games DOWNLOAD

This is the most popular Indonesian bus simulator game. Because this game offers really interesting graphics. So when playing this game, it feels very satisfying to see the surrounding scenery. In addition, there are features such as:

  • Realistic graphics.
  • Realistic gameplay.
  • Many route options.
  • Lots of bus options.
  • There are traffic signs.
  • There's the police.

If you have trouble playing this game, there is also a mod. This mod is like a cheat, you can have unlimited money or directly open all available bus options. To download the mod, you can follow the link below.

More details:Download MOD Bus Simulator Indonesia

2. ES Bus Simulator ID Tourism

Simulation Games DOWNLOAD

One of the most common destinations for taking the bus is sightseeing. Fortunately with this game, you can feel the thrill of driving a tour bus. You are required to take the passenger to the vacation spot he wants. Other features of this game, as follows:

  • Just like real, there are passengers.
  • The area around is mostly beach.
  • Better graphics.
  • Many choices of destination routes.
  • Lots of bus options.

This game includes fun, because you can also walk freely without having to complete missions. Uniquely, even if it's just a free walk, your money will still increase slowly.

3. Telolet Bus Driving 3D


Racing by bus, why not? You can race like a game Need for Speed in this game. But instead of using a sports car, you take a bus. Wow, that's unique! More features as follows:

  • Bus racing style Need for Speed.
  • Can modify the bus.
  • Lots of race track options.
  • There is a turbo or nos.
  • Can play with friends.

Another interesting thing, this game supports multiplayer, so you can play with friends. You can multiplayer either using online or offline paths.

4. River Bus Driving Tourist


The most unique Indonesian bus simulator game, where you drive a bus by sea or river. Wow, that's really funny, it's like making fun of our country that likes floods. Other interesting features themselves are:

  • Graphics look real, especially water.
  • Can walk on water or land.
  • Can dive into water.
  • Various interesting missions.
  • Bus modification.

Even though you can walk in water, that doesn't mean you can do it freely. Before you can do this, you have to mod your bus first. The better the mod, the longer you can survive in the water.

5. Public Transport Simulator


Buses are still a popular means of public transportation in the world. In this game, you can drive this vehicle. There are lots of interesting features in this game, let's see.

  • HD and realistic images.
  • There are passengers or people on the road.
  • There are many other vehicles.
  • Easy to drive, there is an easy mode.
  • Many choices of buses, there are double-decker buses.

For those of you who want to feel like a passenger bus driver, just download this game. Drive the bus and make sure to always obey the rules.


6. Coach Bus Simulator


Coach Bus Simulator is a bus simulation game created by Ovidu Pop. This game offers a variety of excellent features that can be used by players, including:

  • Open world maps
  • Coach bus details
  • Customization
  • Bus route
  • Animation of people getting in and out of the bus
  • And much more.

Being the most popular bus simulation game, Coach Bus Simulator is pre-installed more than 5 million times on the Google Play Store. Just download it and try playing this game.

7. IDBS Bus Simulator

IDBS Studio Simulation Games DOWNLOAD

The next bus simulation game is IDBS Bus Simulator. Different from previous games, this game offers a variety of local buses for you to control, such as Dewi Sri, Source of Nature, Beautiful Rosalia, Luragung, and much more.

Amazingly, this first Android bus simulator game in Indonesia also has a telolet horn with a variety of sounds.

8. Bus Simulator 2019


Bus Simulator 2019 is a bus simulation game created by High Octane Game. In this game, you can control a bus with 3 different types of controls. You can also change the camera mode with just a click of the camera button.

To date, the Bus Simulator 2016 game has been installed more than 5 million times on the Google Play Store.

9. Bus Simulator


Bus Simulator is a bus simulation game created by baklabs. Once the best bus game in 2015, this game offers a variety of interesting features for its players, including:

  • 3D city drawing
  • Many bus routes
  • Real traffic
  • Easy to control
  • Various camera modes

Bus Simulator itself has so far been installed more than 5 million times on the Google Play Store.

10. Flying Bus Simulator


Different from the previously described bus simulation game, this game Flying Bus Simulator allows you to control the bus in the air or fly. There are interesting features that can be tried, including:

  • Flying bus
  • Stunning HD Graphics
  • Realistic visual damage
  • Beautiful landscape
  • Easy to control
  • Offline play
  • And others.

Not only flying, the bus you control can also opened and closed wings, landing, swooping, and attractions. Interested in trying it?


That's a variety of games Bus Simulator Indonesia which you can try. If you have any recommendations for other bus control games, don't forget share in the comments!

Good luck!

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