9 free image provider websites (mockups) for graphic designers

JalanTikus will provide 9 sites where you can download free mockups online, which you can use as reference material and learn graphic design.

For those of you who are in the graphic design world, of course you are familiar with the word mockups. For those who don't know what mockups are, mockups is a visual medium or preview from a design concept that is composed of several layers that are useful for displaying the design results to make it look more real/original.

Therefore, this time the team StreetRat , will provide 9 websites where to download mockups free on line, n reference material and learn graphic design. Read on for more!

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9 Free Website Mockup Providers for Graphic Designers


The first is, here you can download various mockups free gadget themed PSD. Starting from mockups a woman holding an iPhone 7, a man using an iPad Pro, Apple Watch and Macbook Air Pro. Not only that, it's here too mockups from the legendary cell phone Nokia 3310 which is very cool. So for those of you who are Apple product lovers and want to reminisce with the Nokia 3310, let's play here.


Then there is Free Design Resources. This website contains hundreds of mockups free on line minimalist style that is perfect for a branding your brand. Starting from mugs, t-shirts, books, magazines, business cards, brochures, everything is available here. With the appearance that user friendly, makes it easy for you when you want to download one mockups from this website.


One of the websites mockup free on line from India, according to JalanTikus, is the most complete website in providing mockups. Starting from the minimalist, retro, to urban style mockups available in


You can get many benefits when you visit mockupcatalog. Because it's not just sharing mockups, this website also shares font and typeface which further adds to your graphic design insight.


Then the fifth one is pixelbuddha. On the website mockup this free PSD no doubt, so much mockups the works of famous designers are distributed free of charge there. Not only that, pixelbuddha also share templates PowerPoint, Icons, and UI kits for free.


Next there is pixeden, almost the same as pixelbudhha, pixeden also not only share mockups, but also fonts, HTML websites, blog templates, and much more. already more than 33 million files mockups downloaded from the website pixeden this.


Same as website mockup free on line previously, graphicgoogle also share mockupsits free of charge alias free. But don't think that this website is a subsidiary of Google. This website just happens to use the Google name to make it easy to remember.


Next The Hungry Jpeg. Website mockups free is more about sharing mockups which is already on other websites, so that what is on The Pixeden website is usually also on the website thehungryjpeg.


The last one is graphicburger. This website is also one of the favorite websites to download mockups, because almost every day there are always mockups something new, which makes us want to give it a try.

Those are some provider websites mockups which JalanTikus can share. Maybe you guys know other than the 9 websites above? Leave your comment below.

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