easy way to fix broken wifi problem on laptop

Are you doing college assignments, work, or sending e-mails, but suddenly your WiFi can't connect? Well, ApkVenue will tell you how to solve the problem of broken WiFi on a laptop.

Yesterday, Jaka wrote an article on how to solve problems WiFi broken on an Android phone. But the WiFi problem doesn't just happen on Android phones. Electronic devices that have already used WiFi technology are portable computers or what we usually call laptops or notebooks. Well, WiFi problems also often occur on laptop devices. You must be annoyed, right if you are in a hurry to do a college assignment, work, or send an e-mail, but suddenly your WiFi can't connect? Well, ApkVenue will tell you how to solve the problem of broken WiFi on a laptop.

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WiFi problems on laptops often occur because of problematic drivers. The WiFi device has been installed on your laptop since the first time you bought it. However, the WiFi driver aka software to run this device on a laptop is up to the user. Drivers that are not installed properly, and there are files that are infected or missing due to viruses can be the cause of your WiFi problem. But it could also be that your WiFi device is damaged or needs to be replaced. But do not rush to get serviced. First, check what the problem is with your laptop's WiFi. Here are the steps.

Check WiFi on Laptop

Just like on Android phones, first check whether the WiFi on your laptop is on or not. It sounds trivial, really. But the funny thing is, many people are frustrated because the WiFi doesn't want to connect, even to the point of nagging about everything. However, there is only one problem. The WiFi on the laptop hasn't been turned on yet!

Check WiFi Modem and Password

Actually, Jaka has discussed this before. You have to check your modem or router the one you are using is on or not. Then check the password is correct or not. Then check how many devices are connected, and try using another device. For more details, you can first read the article: Wi-Fi Troubled? Check these 6 causes and how to overcome them

Wi-Fi Button Broken

To turn on WiFi on a laptop, we usually use a key combination Fn+F2, or other buttons depending on the brand and type of laptop. In addition to using a key combination, there are also laptops that are accompanied by a special button to turn WiFi on and off. This button can be damaged so that when you press it many times, the WiFi won't turn on. Well, to fix this, you can turn on your WiFi adapter manually using Control Panel. Here are the steps:

  • open Control Panel on your laptop. You must know, right, where is the Control Panel?

  • Select settings "Network and Sharing Center".

  • In the left column, select "Change adapter settings".
  • Select your WiFi adapter, then click "Enable this network device".

Now the WiFi on your laptop should be back on normally.

Problematic Drivers

There are often cases when the WiFi Driver on your laptop has a problem. So that the WiFi device can not run properly. To deal with this problem, all you have to do is re-install the WiFi Driver. This WiFi driver is usually found on the CD that comes with the purchase. Or if the CD has been lost somewhere, you can download the driver on the official website of your WiFi device. But before that, you must first know the brand and type of your WiFi device. To check it you can use Speccy. First download here:

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After you download, install, and open Speccy, click on the Network section. Well, look at the brand and type of device wireless jack adapter. now you just have to look for the driver on the official website of the maker.

Replace Portable WiFi Adapter

This is the last solution, but the most practical and easy. If it turns out that your WiFi device is really damaged, you better buy WiFi dongle USB. This tool replaces the function wireless adapter on your laptop in a very simple way. You just plug this small device in port Your laptop's USB. Continue to install the driver, so that's it. Your laptop can already use WiFi as usual. The price is also affordable, some are even only 35 thousand. But Jaka suggests buying a good one even though it's a bit expensive. Because besides being more durable, the speed is also greater. So you can surf the internet smoothly and comfortably.

Those are some WiFi problems that are often faced by laptop users. These problems can actually be handled in a very simple way if we can detect the problem first. So, no need to rush to claim warranty or get it serviced! Well, if you have experienced other problems regarding WiFi on your laptop and a more practical way to solve it, you can write in the column comments below yes!

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