how to reduce mp3 files without reducing the quality

Have you ever felt that the storage space on your PC or smartphone is running out because of the mp3 files you saved? Well, ApkVenue, there is a way to reduce the size of the mp3 file without reducing the quality.

Music is a universal language. We almost can't stop listening to music anytime anywhere, even our heart beats like music. And Jaka is sure, on your smartphone there must be a lot of music.

Problems arise, have you ever consumed a lot of your storage space by the song files you saved? Don't worry, ApkVenue will share tips on how to reduce the MP3 size and what's even better without reducing the quality of the song. In this way our memory will be more relieved.

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How to Reduce MP3 Size and Maintain Quality

By reducing the size of the MP3 file, when it is inserted into a smartphone it will not take up too much storage space. As a result, you can enter more songs into your smartphone. It's just that sometimes when the MP3 size is reduced, the quality decreases.

Well, now you can reduce the size of the MP3 file, but the sound is still of high quality. How to? Very easy. You previously needed help software which name is MP3 Quality Modifier. Download MP3 Quality Modifier from link which Jaka provides.

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If you have downloaded and installed software MP3 Quality Modifier, just open it software-his. Then follow these steps:

  • On the main menu of MP3 Quality Modifier, you will find the following display:
  • If you want to include an MP3 file that you want to reduce in size, click Add Files. Then find the MP3 file you want.

  • Next, click the box next to the MP3 file until a check mark appears.

  • Click section Presets, then select the "compromise". This is useful for reducing file size, but still within the limits of compromised quality.
  • Then wait until the MP3 size reduction process that you selected is complete. And the result will appear in the desktop section, the folder name is "output".

It's done. Distinguish the size of an MP3 file that has not been reduced from an MP3 file that has been minimized using software MP3 Quality Modifier. The results definitely look different. Then please feel also the sound quality. Good luck!


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