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4 causes of laptop turning itself off & how to fix it

You want to know the cause of the laptop shutting down suddenly? The following is a discussion of why the laptop is completely dead and how to solve it completely!

Who agrees that laptops are the most needed gadget after smartphones?

Especially for those of you whose daily activities require the help of this one object, of course, a laptop is a mandatory object that you must maintain so that it doesn't get damaged quickly.

But unfortunately, sometimes even though we have taken good care of it, electronic items such as laptops have problems.

One of the problems that are most often complained of is a laptop that suddenly turns off completely. If it's like this for you, the layman, of course it will be very inconvenient and worrying, yes, gang!

Well, therefore, here Jaka will tell you several factors or the reason why the laptop is totally dead and how to fix it.

Causes of Totally Dead Laptops

Laptops that die suddenly are certainly caused by certain factors. Some of the causes that are often found are as mentioned below.

1. Battery Problem

Problems with the battery are the most common cause when the laptop is completely dead, gang.

As we know that just like humans, batteries also have a limited lifespan which over time will result in a decrease in capacity and performance.

Well, if your laptop is completely dead even though the battery is charged enough, then the main cause is the battery.

If that's the case, you have to buy a new battery so that the laptop can turn on again without bothering to plug it into the power adapter every time you want to use it.

2. Problems with RAM

Not a few conditions were found where the indicator lights, fans, and laptop machines seemed to be running well but the screen didn't show anything blank.

Even though it's not completely dead, this certainly makes you unable to use the laptop normally anymore.

Well, if this problem occurs on your laptop, usually this is caused by damage that occurs to your laptop Laptop RAM you, gang.

3. Processor Problem

Like the human heart, processor also become a core component or often referred to as brain from a laptop you know, gang.

If the laptop processor is damaged then it will also affect the entire system on the laptop. If that's the case then usually the laptop won't run well or even die completely, gang.

4. Motherboard Problem

Motherboards or mainboard is the main circuit board on which various electronic components are connected.

Motherboard or commonly abbreviated as mobo it connects all the components of the laptop and makes them work together so that the laptop runs smoothly.

One of the characteristics of damage to the motherboard is usually marked by a "beep" sound repeatedly on the laptop.

How to Overcome a Totally Dead Laptop

If you already knew some of the causes of a totally dead laptop, then Jaka will discuss how to solve this problem, gang.

Many ordinary people think that if the laptop is completely dead, it can no longer be repaired, aka have to replace a new one. Turns out that's not always true!

Well, now you know what is the real cause of a totally dead laptop?

Now, you should know how to deal with damage to a dead laptop, gang! Here are some ways that might be able to make your laptop turn on again.

1. Turn on the Laptop Without Battery

If what is causing your laptop to die completely is due to damage to the battery, then the right way to fix it is to remove the battery and then plug the laptop into the power adapter.

Although this method is quite inconvenient because it means you have to always need an electric adapter to turn on the laptop, you can try this method for a while while you save up to buy a new battery.

2. Clean Dust

Without us realizing it, dust often sticks and accumulates between laptop components which can make laptop performance slow down even over time overheating and totally dead.

Therefore disassembling and cleaning the dust that is on the laptop is one of the things you need to do to deal with a dead laptop, gang.

If necessary, you can also first remove each of the components such as: hard disk, RAM, or processor so that the "inside" of the laptop is really clean and the laptop can run normally.

3. Check Pasta Thermal Processor

Not many know that the processor also needs a paste that serves to cool the processor so it doesn't experience overheating.

Because when pasta thermal on the processor dries up due to the hot temperature of the processor, then this can cause the laptop to die, gang.

Therefore, you should check whether the pasta thermal should be replaced or not.

4. Remove Some Laptop Components

Removing some computer components such as hard disk, WiFi card, or other turns out to be a solution to deal with a dead laptop, you know, gang.

Leave your laptop on with only memory and processor components. This is because in some cases these components experience a short circuit which causes the laptop to turn off and cannot be turned on.

Those are some of the causes of a totally dead laptop as well as a solution to overcome it, gang.

If you have done the methods above but your laptop is still dead, that means you really have to replace the laptop with a new one.

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