7 ways to become a true computer hacker

Many people call themselves hackers even though their knowledge is still shallow, so Jaka will tell you how to become a real computer hacker?

Talking about hackers, maybe you have your own version of hacker definition. Broadly speaking, hacker means someone who has a desire to know in depth about the work of a system, computer or computer network. They study, analyze, modify, break into computers and computer networks, either for profit or motivated by challenge. Then how to become a true computer hacker?

Yes, hackers are closely related to computer geek namely someone who is also very enthusiastic about the world of computers and has a high willingness to learn various things about computers so that he becomes an expert in that field. Many people call themselves hackers, even though their knowledge of computers is still very limited. Well, Jaka will tell you about his knowledge, how do you become a real computer hacker?

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7 Ways to Become a Real Computer Hacker

There are many things that you must master so that you can be called or call yourself as real computer hacker. Therefore, here Jaka summarizes from various sources, 7 ways to become a true computer hacker so that you don't just pretend to be a hacker when you can't do anything.

1. Mastering Programming Languages

In this digital age, it's important to learn coding if you want to become an expert hacker. There are many computer programming languages ​​that can be learned. You can start by learning a basic programming language like Basic or Pascal, just to practice logic and learn algorithms.

Next, you can learn the most popular programming languages ​​in the world, which you can see in the following article: 50 Most Popular Programming Languages ​​in the World. To gain recognition as a hacker, you must be able to program exploit weakness of a system.

2. Know Computer Hardware and Specifications

Hardware or hardware is a physical component of a computer and media that can connect the computer with other media, or even with other computers. Each computer certainly has its own specifications. Although the shape and hardwarethe same but the series can be different. A hacker, of course not only good coding but also understand about hacker and specifications of a computer.

3. Must be able to repair computers

Apart from knowing hardware and technical specifications of a computer, the more important thing is that you have to learn the basics of repairing a computer. When a hacker breaks his computer, of course he will fix it and assemble it himself. No need to call a technician if there is one error such as not connected to the network or just minor damage.

Besides that, you also have to understand the drivers required by a computer. Of course this will be very helpful when you want to reinstall the operating system. Because usually when the installation process is complete, not all hardware the computer is running normally. Better yet, you should have a group software for that purpose.

4. Learn Various Software

After the hardware, next you also have to understand the software. Software it is something that makes a computer work, and it can take the form of an operating system, an application, or an application protocol.

Every hacker, of course, has some hack tools to support their action. Hack tools for Windows and Linux operating systems have been circulating in cyberspace, some hack tools They are designed with a specific purpose, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. You can read more here: 10 best free hacking tools software for Windows and Linux that you can try and learn.

5. Must be able to type 10 fingers without looking at the keyboard

The ability to type 10 fingers without looking at the keyboard is needed to increase the efficiency and productivity of your work at the computer. Not only that, you also have to understand how to use shortcut or a combination of codes on the computer.

Ordinary people will certainly use the computer in standard ways, using the mouse, then just clicks. While a hacker, of course, can be more efficient in using computers. So, all will be faster at work when compared to ordinary computer users.

6. Learn to Use CMD

Learn Command Line computer (MS DOS Prompt/Command Prompt on Windows, Terminal or Console on Linux) is very important. In addition to increasing the efficiency of your work on the computer, CMD is an hacking tools which is very powerful for hackers. Here are 7 CMD commands that are often used by hackers.

7. Using Open Source Operating System

Most hackers will use an Open Source operating system such as Linux because it is free to use. It also allows them to do things that a hacker would normally do, such as create programs, run server and work with the Command Line Interface (CLI) to manage computers and server-his.

Besides that, you also have to learn to use Firewall well so that the computer is safe from attacks by other people who try to take control of the computer and steal your important data. Hackers also have to understand about viruses and how to prevent and overcome them.

Here is an article about 7 ways to become a true computer hacker, and there is no way to become a hacker quickly. Actually there are many other things that you must master if you want to become a reliable hacker. Don't get the wrong idea about hackers either. A true hacker is simply breaking through someone's security to find and fix security system flaws without stealing. How, are you ready to become a hacker?

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