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5 cool avatar photo maker sites for the best profile picture

A cool profile picture on social media is now an obligation. One type of photo that is good and funny is an avatar. Here are 5 recommendations for the best avatar photo maker sites.

Social media is indeed one of the things that young people love the most, especially today's generation. In addition to communicating and connecting with friends and relatives, social media is also used as a forum for communication share and express yourself.

Talking about expressing yourself, it can be done on social media in various ways, one of which is by displaying it profile picture cool and interesting as possible. You don't have to take photos all the time selfie or photo with background nice views, simple and cute photos like avatars are also often used by social media users, even public figures.

For that, this time ApkVenue will give recommendations on five maker sites avatar photo the best that can make your social media profile picture even cooler. As proof, Jaka has tried it himself.

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5 Best Cool Avatar Photo Maker Sites

1. Avataars Generator

This site is one of the best avatar photo maker sites because it is easy to use, fast and looks modern with a large selection of accessories. Even so, your avatar results cannot be saved at high resolution with a maximum limit of only 300 x 300 pixels. However, the results of a cool avatar will definitely not disappoint you.

To try Avataars Generator, Click here.


If the previous site seemed easy and simple, this site is actually also easy to use. However, the many options and items that can be used to create an avatar make you have to spend a long time to complete your avatar. But, you are guaranteed not to regret after seeing the results.

To try, Click here.

3. 8BitIcon

This site is different from the others. 8BitIcon provides a service for you to create a stylish avatar photo old school because it is still in the form of pixels or boxes. The available options are more or less the same, namely choosing facial components to accessories to use. It's just that the avatar results that you get are definitely different and unique.

To try 8BitIcon, Click here.

4. Powerpuff Yourself

For you Powerpuff Girls lovers, of course, you can't miss trying this one site. Not only for women, this site also provides avatars for men even though the style and pose are still Powerpuff Girls. You are suitable to try this one site if you are bored with avatars that seem like that.

To try Powerpuff Yourself, Click here.

5. South Park Avatar

Starting from a video called South Park which went viral a few years ago, it became a site that provides avatar maker services for its users. The resulting avatar looks cute coupled with various accessories or objects such as plates, guitars, and other objects that can be included in the avatar.

To try South Park Avatar, Click here.

Those are the five creator sites avatar photo cool for profile picture best on your social media accounts. How? Are you interested in trying? Which of the five sites above would you most like to try? Please try and share your opinion about the results of the avatar you made in the comments column.

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