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no play! These are 9 games that kill people in real life

Video games are not only fun to play, they can also be dangerous for you. Here are 9 video games that kill players in real life!

video games it's fun to play, but besides being fun video games are also dangerous, you know. Videos games can kill you anytime. In addition, video games can also encourage you to commit murder.

This isn't fake news, some death case as well as murders caused by playing games have often happened. Following 9 games that kill people in real life.

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These are 9 games that kill people in real life

Games can kill humans in various ways, as a player you have to be wiser in playing the game, okay? guys. Don't let yourself become a victim of the cruelty of video games.

1. FarmVille

Who would have thought this one gardening game could cause murder in the real world. Alexandra Tobias an American Mother kill the baby who is 3 months old because of his addiction to this game.

Alexandra killed her baby boy for crying while he was playing FarmVille. He was angry and had the heart to kill the baby. Because of her actions Alexandra was punished prison for 50 years.

2. Nintendo Wii

This incident occurred in 2007, when the new Nintendo Wii was released. A radio station in America made a competition with prizes for this game console. The conditions are drink lots of water without being able to urinate.

A participant, Jennifer Strange died after returning from this competition due to suspected poisoning his own urine. As a result 10 employees organizing this event were fired.

3. World of Warcraft

This MMORPG game is also the cause of the death of a child. Rebecca Christie spending time 15 hours of non-stop gaming online without paying attention to her child. This cause child's death who was only 3 years old because of hunger.


4. Berzerk

Berzerk is one of the most popular arcade games in the 80s. In 1982, this game caused a 18 year old boy dies world. Peter Bukowski died of a heart attack after spending a lot of time playing this game.

5. Legend of Mir 3

This MMORPG game is also the cause of murder in the real world. Two Legend if players Mir Qiu Chengwei and Zhu Caoyuan clashed because Zhu without permission sold one of the rare items they got together.

The two did not find an agreement regarding the distribution of money from the sale of the item. Qiu finally stabbed Zhu who was asleep to death.


6. DOTA, Diablo 3, Halo, an StarCraft

These four games are really addictive for the players. Seriously addicted to this game caused the death of the players. DOTA player Rustam died after marathon playing this game for 22 days. Chuang from Taiwan also died after 40 hours non-stop after playing Diablo 3.

In 2011 Chris Staniforth died of a blood vessel blockage after 12 hours of playing Halo. Lee Seung Seop from South Korea also died after 50 hours playing StarCraft.

7. Ingress

Ingress is a game that requires players to move and do outdoor activities. Unfortunately not all players pay attention to their safety when playing this game. Gabriel, a 16-year-old Brazilian teenager, dies of hit by a bus when it's fun to play this game.


8. Slender: The Arrival

Excessive obsession to the main character Slender this game is really dangerous. In 2014, an American girl stabbed a classmate. He reasoned that by doing so he could calm the mystical characters in the game.

9. EverQuest

Shawn Wooley found dead with gunshot wounds in his room in 2002. When found it was discovered that his computer screen was still on and was show game EverQuest. He allegedly committed suicide because of problems he experienced while playing games.

That's it guys 9 games that kill people in real life. From these events, you should be wiser when playing games, okay? guys.

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