5 ways to transfer files from PC to Android without an application

Here Jaka will write some tips on how to transfer files from PC to Android without an application.

Do you often transfer files from laptop to gadget or vice versa? Maybe there are times when you experience problems when you want to send files to friends. For a quick way to transfer files between smartphones or transfer files from a smartphone to a PC, JalanTikus has discussed it, but this time I will write about how to transfer files from PC to Android.

If you have an abundant internet data package or there are Free Wi-Fi facilities around the house, then this tip is perfect for those of you who don't want to be bothered with various applications that can burden your smartphone. Here Jaka will write some tips on how to transfer files from PC to Android without an application:

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5 Ways to Transfer Files From PC to Android Without Apps

1. (Web): Share Clipboard Files with Wi-Fi

The first tip for how to transfer files from PC to Android is to use If you want to make messages, writings, words, to long stories, but you are lazy to type on your smartphone? So the easiest solution is to type it on the physical keyboard of a computer or laptop. To do this we can take advantage of the services of

The method is very easy, open with a laptop browser then enter some text in the box 'Text Below' then open from the smartphone browser and automatically the text you type through the laptop will appear in the smartphone browser. But remember this technique will work if you are on the same Wi-Fi connection. So now you will find it easier to copy-paste clipboard files to share with your friends.

2. LanNote (Web): Share Files on the Same Wi-Fi

As with, LanNote It is also possible to transfer files from PC to Android when connected on the same Wi-Fi network. But a little different with on LanNote you can not only share text files but can send other files like images, link, documents and more. This service is perfect for those of you who work in the office because with the same Wi-Fi range you can share files with colleagues.

How to use it is the same as using, you just have to open then write your name, message, and select the file to share. After that, tell your friends to open automatically, there will be a list of files that can be downloaded.

3. Snapdrop (Web): Send All Types of Files Easily

I think this service is a cool and simple service as a way to transfer files from PC to Android. Snapdrop does not need to be installed and is compatible with all devices from Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux because this service is web-based. We can send files to each other very easily.

How to use it, connect your PC and smartphone with the same Wi-Fi then open in each browser, once open you will see a list device which is connected to the server in the form of an icon in the middle. The file transfer process is very easy, you just click the icon in the middle and select the file to be sent.

4. Simple Savr ( Send Files Safely

For this one is a little different from the previous service, on Simple Savr You can send files on a single Wi-Fi network but can also share files remotely. Simple Savr has a system to encrypt data so that it will be more secure when sharing files, you can also give a password to the file to be sent to help secure file access in Simple Savr.

Especially for how to share files remotely, you have to set your IP Address manually so that your friends can access the files together. How to change the IP Address is very easy, namely by going to the Settings menu from Simple Savr and then adding the IP Address.

5. (Web): Faster Remote File Sharing

If you are not in the same Wi-Fi range, then one solution to keep sharing files is by using This service is similar to the Simple Sarv service but has a slight difference in its working system. Because on using the system peer-to-peer to connect between two connected devices.

For how to use it, first we upload the file to the server (not in full) then it will appear download link then open link earlier in a friend's browser to download our file. In this process peer-to-peer will run, so when friends start downloading files through link earlier, process upload we will continue (upload fully). Using this system will speed up the sharing process.


Those are 5 ways to transfer files from PC to Android without the need to install an application. I hope these tips can be useful for those of you who have problems transferring files with friends or you are someone who doesn't want to be bothered by various applications. So which service do you prefer to share files with? Please write your opinion in the comments column.

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