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a collection of folk songs throughout Indonesia (34 provinces) + lyrics

Got the task of telling me to memorize folk songs? Don't worry! Here, Jaka has a collection of folk songs from various provinces in Indonesia.

Even though its existence among young people may be defeated by Indonesian pop songs, western songs, or even dangdut songs, but folk songs of course more thick with moral and cultural values.

Therefore, folk songs will always be a cultural asset that we must always protect and preserve from time to time.

Well, for those of you who claim to love their homeland and are looking for 34 folk songs and their creators, this time Jaka will give you a collection of folk songs from various provinces in Indonesia complete with creator and lyrics.

Curious? Come on, just read the full article below!

A collection of regional songs from various provinces in Indonesia

Got an art assignment from school to memorize folk songs? So now you want to look for folk songs that are short and easy to memorize? Calm!

You just have to choose one of the complete collection of folk songs in Indonesia below.

Oh yes, you can listen to the full MP3 version via the music streaming application on your cellphone! Happy listening!


1. Nagroe Aceh Darussalam Regional Song

Want to choose Acehnese folk songs to sing at karaoke with friends? Better listen to some of the following Aceh folk songs for practice!

  • Bungong Jeumpa - Overview of Radja Jeumpa

Bungong jeumpa, Bungong jeumpa is magnificent in Aceh

  • - Piso Surit - Depari

Piso Surit Piso Surit

2. Sumatran folk song

Surely you know that the island of Sumatra has many folk songs that are really good to listen to.

Well, here are some of them that you can listen to, gang.

  • - Sinanggar Tulo - Vicky Sianipar (North Sumatra)

Sinanggar tullo tullo a tullo

  • - Nan Far Village in Mato - Oslan Husein (West Sumatra)

The village far away in mato

  • - Dek Sangke - N.Zahara and A.dahlan (South Sumatra)

I'm sangke deck

3. Riau Regional Song

For those of you who want to listen to Riau folk songs, unfortunately here Jaka can only give one song title, entitled Soleram. Curious?

  • Soleram - anonymous


4. Jambi Regional Song

Furthermore, there are regional songs from Jambi Province which are no less cool too.

However, here Jaka can only give one song because it is difficult to get other Jambi regional song titles on the music streaming application that Jaka uses.

  • Sneaky Ants - Rinto Harahap

A trip to the land of Deli

5. DKI Jakarta Regional Song

Want to listen to hits from Jakarta's folk songs? Here, Jaka has some folk songs from Jakarta that you can listen to!

  • Jali-Jali - Anonymous

This is the jali-jali

  • Kicir-Kicir - Anonymous

Kicir Kicir this song

  • Ondel-Ondel - Djoko Subagyo

Come on, let's watch ondel-ondel

6. Javanese folk song

Photo source: Complete History (Bubuy Bulan is a Javanese folk song originating from West Java Province).

As we know that the island of Java has several provinces in it. So don't be surprised if Java also has a large number of folk songs, gang.

Well, if you want to listen to Javanese folk songs, here are some of them that you can listen to.

  • Manuk Dadali - Sambas Mangundikarta (West Java)

Mesat floats high up in the sky

  • Bubuy Bulan - Benny Corda (West Java)

Bubuy month

  • Cing Cangkeling - Danghyang Mughni Pancaniti (West Java)

Cing cangkeling manuk cingkleung cindeten

  • Cublak-Cublak Suweng - Sunan Giri (Central Java)

Cublak suweng

  • Gundhul Pacul - Sunan Kalijaga & R.C. Hardjosubroto (Central Java)

Bald bald cul cul

  • Rek Come on Rek - Is Haryanto (East Java)

Bro, come on, let's do it, Tunjungan

7. DI Regional Song. Yogyakarta

Besides being famous for its special food, namely Gudeg, Yogyakarta also has several folk songs that are good to listen to when you are tired of watching movies, playing games, or others.

But, here Jaka can only give one of them because it's a bit difficult to get the song, gang. Here are Papuan folk songs that you can listen to.

  • Suwe Ora Jamu - R.C. Hardjosubroto

Suwe no herbs

8. Kalimantan Regional Song

Photo source: Bhaca.com (The local song ampar-ampar banana comes from South Kalimantan Province).

If you are from Kalimantan or really like folk songs from this province, you can listen to the collection of songs below, gang!

  • Ampar-Ampar Banana - Hamiedan AC (South Kalimantan)

Ampar banana

  • Cik Cik Periuk - Anonymous (West Kalimantan)

Cik cik periook say sumping from jawe

  • Indung-Indung - Ilin Sumantri (East Kalimantan)

Protect your head ovary

9. Sulawesi Regional Song

Si patokaan may be one of the most famous folk songs of Sulawesi, but apart from that, there are other Sulawesi folk songs that are no less cool.

  • Si Patokaan - Muhammad Dancek Simanjuntak Siregar (North Sulawesi)

Dear dear the benchmark

  • Slow Loris - Bora DG Irate (South Sulawesi)

Kukana tuni pela tuni throw away ritamparang

  • Tope Gugu - Anonymous (Central Sulawesi)

gugu tope

10. Papuan Regional Song

The last regional song is from Papua Province, gang. If you listen to the song, just check the following.

  • Sajojo - David Rumagesan

Sajojo, sajojo

Well, that was a collection of folk songs from various provinces in Indonesia, gang.

Unfortunately, Jaka has not been able to enter all folk songs from 34 provinces in Indonesia because they are not available in the streaming music application that Jaka uses.

Which folk songs do you like the most? Try mentioning 10 folk songs and their origins that you like the most and share in the comments column below yes!

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