a quick and easy way to design a business card without photoshop

You suddenly have to design a business card, but no Photoshop? Don't worry, ApkVenue has a quick and easy way to design business cards without Photoshop.

You really need to design name card for urgent needs, but nothing Photoshop or software any other designs you can use? Don't worry, ApkVenue will teach you a quick and easy way to design a business card without Photoshop.

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We will use Microsoft Publisher, one of the apps Microsoft Office which almost all computers must have. Microsoft Publisher is used to create various prints for business purposes such as brochures, catalogs, and so on. Well, this time Jaka wants to discuss how to make business cards. Here are the steps:

Designing Business Cards Without Photoshop

  • Prepare a logo or image that you think needs to be included in a business card.
  • open Microsoft Office Publisher.
  • choose Business Card, just click.
  • Then select the business card design you like, click "Create".
  • After appearing templatesIn addition, you can change the size of the business card according to your needs. Click "Change Page Size" on the bottom left.
  • Set the size of your business card, then click "OK".
  • Now all you have to do is edit the text inside templates the. Also include the images and logos that you have prepared earlier. Use method drag-n-drop you can too, really. So you just drag the pictures from the Windows folder into Microsoft Publisher.
  • If it's done, you click File - Save As, and select the file format you want. For example, Jaka will save it in JPEG format.

Well, now Jaka's business card has become. Just take it to the printers.

That's an easy way to make a business card design if you're in a hurry. The features in this application are not complete software design like Adobe Photoshop. However, various templates in it is very useful for creating simple designs in a short time. If you are creative, simple things can also be cool designs, really! Do you have another way that is simpler and faster? Please write in the column comments below, yes!

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