a powerful way to get free VIP on Joox every day

In this article, I will explain tips and tricks so that the JOOX gold VIP can survive every day. Here's how to get JOOX free VIP every day.

According to the title above, it may be very helpful for those of us who often use JOOX app. Artificial app Tencent Mobility Limited this is very good for streaming cool music with very good quality. Apart from making streaming, JOOX can also play music offline which we previously downloaded!

JOOX also has a very large collection of songs that makes this application very popular with many people. There is also an advantage of JOOX, which is that it has lyrics for each song that is played, so you can make karaoke with friends.

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JOOX VIP has two types of accounts. The first JOOX VIP White and the second JOOX VIP Gold. JOOX VIP White, the benefits are free but quality streamingit's also standard and the track list is only songs that are not VIP. Yes, it's also free. Meanwhile, JOOX VIP Gold is the opposite of white VIP, but we will get this gold VIP when we first log in to our account. Unfortunately, this gold VIP is only valid for a few months. In this article, I will explain how to get JOOX free VIP as well as tips and tricks so that JOOX gold VIP can last every day, let's check it out!

Powerful Ways to Get Free VIP on JOOX Every Day

1. Preparation

Initially enter your account into JOOX, and you will be given a few months of gold JOOX VIP for free. Download songs labeled as gold VIP as many times as you like. When the VIP account has changed to white VIP, you continue to the following steps.

2. Choose JOOX VIP

When the VIP account changes, of course, annoying things happen, the VIP songs that were downloaded earlier can't be played. But calm down, you just swipe the screen to the right, the following screen will appear:

3. Select Daily Share

Then select JOOX VIP. After selecting JOOX VIP then choose share daily, like this image:

4. Choose a Song

Please click share daily, then the next step is to select the song to be played.share and destination media. Here I use Facebook.

5. Share the song

After choosing the song, now stay click send just to share the song.

6. VIP Obtained

You will immediately get JOOX VIP Gold after completing the steps above, for free! But unfortunately this VIP only valid for 24 hours, so after 24 hours you can repeat the steps above again. This is the view after you get the VIP.

This is my account after getting JOOX VIP Gold:

That's the article I made about how to get a free JOOX VIP. Surely you don't know how to do it, do you? Good luck and good luck. If you have another way to get VIP JOOX, share in the comments column yes!

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