10 free and best android cellphone cctv applications in 2021

The Android cellphone CCTV application can be a recommendation for those of you who need remote monitoring if you are traveling. Check here in full! (update 2021)

Android Mobile CCTV Application is now increasingly needed along with the ease of technology and security needs of users.

The way this application works is to turn your used Android phone into a CCTV at home.

You don't need to install anymore CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) which is quite expensive at home. Simply use an Android cellphone that is no longer used instead.

When you are traveling long distances or going home, you can take advantage of this remote HP CCTV application, gang. Especially if you have a cellphone with the best camera.

In this article, ApkVenue has summarized the complete list best Android mobile CCTV app. You can also download it at the link provided in this article.

1. Alfred Home Security Camera

Photo source: Google Play Store

Now, having CCTV doesn't have to be like those in office buildings or factories, gang. You just need to take advantage of the Android cellphone CCTV from your cheap used cellphone.

If you have installed CCTV in your home and still want to be able to keep an eye on it, you can also take advantage of the features of the following Alfred Home Security Camera.

The reason is, the application developed by Alfred Labs Inc. has other features, including: remote access, live video streaming, motion detector, and night vision.

Although it can be enjoyed for free, but if you want the HD Recording feature then you need to subscribe to the premium features, gang.

It's even cool if you don't have another backup cellphone, you can still monitor the CCTV for Android phones at home using the official website, namely //

InformationAlfred Home Security Camera
DeveloperAlfred Systems Inc.
SizeVaries by device
Android MinimumVaries by device

Download Alfred Home Security Camera here

Apps Utilities Alfred Systems Inc. DOWNLOAD

2. WardenCam

Photo source: Google Play Store

The next application recommendation is Wardencam which you can also use to monitor all activities including WiFi Baby Monitor.

Another advantage of this HP Wardencam CCTV application is that it supports the ability to night vision so it is very suitable as a Baby Monitor when monitoring in low light conditions.

Not only that, the Wardencam application also has features two-way audio support, motion detection, and multi-camera setup.

However, this application does not have a special feature to monitor CCTV for Android phones installed at home on the official website.

Therefore, you must have at least two Android phones, one of which is used as CCTV and the other for monitoring. If you don't have one, try checking this used HP with quality specs for Rp. 300 thousand.

DeveloperWardenCam360 - Home Security, Video Monitoring
Android Minimum4.1 and up

Download WardenCam here

Apps Utilities WardenCam360 - Home Security, Video Monitoring DOWNLOAD

3. DroidCam

Photo source: Google Play Store

The advantages of the remote HP CCTV application DroidCam is to have a good image quality high definition (HD) with 720p resolution.

When you want to use your used Android phone as CCTV through this application, all you have to do is connect the WiFi IP in the application with your other Android phone.

So, you could say that the Android cellphone CCTV will work like an IP webcam with fairly clear and clear quality.

Android Minimum5.0 and above

Download DroidCam here

Apps Productivity Dev47Apps DOWNLOAD

4. AtHome Video Streamer and AtHome Camera

Photo source: Google Play Store

If you need an online CCTV application with the best features, then AtHome Video Streamer and AtHome Camera The following can be a recommendation for you.

Even the functions of the two are also different, you know! AtHome Camera application works as a CCTV camera. So you need to install this application on an Android cellphone CCTV device at home.

Then, application AtHome Video Streamer will work as a CCTV camera monitor, gang.

To connect these two applications, you only need to scan the barcode or QR Code of the AtHome Camera application using an Android phone that has AtHome Video Streamer installed.

InformationAtHome Video Streamer
Android Minimum4.0 and above

Download AtHome Video Streamer here

Apps Utilities icano DOWNLOAD
InformationAtHome Camera
Android Minimum4.0 and above

Download AtHome Camera here

Apps Utilities icano DOWNLOAD

5. IP Webcam

Photo source: Google Play Store

The next recommendation is IP Webcam which is one of the best CCTV Home Security applications that can record various activities around you.

This application developed by Pavel Khlebovich can record people's movements and even sounds!

You need to use 2 Android devices or it can also be a PC and tablet to use it. Therefore, you can also use this application for PC.

You can use it in various ways, either through VLC Media Player or a browser to monitor the camera.

InformationIP Webcam
DeveloperPavel Khlebovich
Android Minimum4.0 and above

Download IP Webcam here

Apps Productivity Pavel Khlebovich DOWNLOAD

6. SeeCiTV

Photo source: Google Play Store

The next application is SeeCiTV which is known to provide sharp video and picture quality up to 1080p.

In addition, another advantage of this CCTV APK for HP is the low use of battery power, so you will save battery more.

Another plus is that the CCTV monitor will continue to work without the need for the screen to be on, gang. In fact, this application is recommended as the best home security application.

The reason is, the internet connection network used by SeeCiTV uses the TLS/DTLS encrypted protocol configuration, gang!

DeveloperGeny Studio
Android Minimum4.3 and above

Download SeeCiTV here

Apps Geny Studio DOWNLOAD

7. Security Camera CZ

Photo source: Google Play Store

If you feel that the recommendations for previous applications seem complex and difficult to apply, then you can try this one application.

Security Camera CZ has much simpler and easier application settings. In addition, this application is also free to use.

In this HP CCTV APK, you only need to connect two Android HP devices that have the Security Camera CZ application installed with the same account.

You also just have to choose which Android device works as an Android cellphone CCTV and which works as a CCTV monitoring monitor.

You can use a used cellphone instead of having to buy a new cellphone for CCTV Android cellphones at your house, gang.

InformationSecurity Camera CZ
Android Minimum4.1 and up

Download Security Camera CZ here


8. EyesPie

Photo source: Google Play Store

The next recommended CCTV application for Android is Eyespie. This Android CCTV application without WiFi can work with a regular internet connection.

In addition, the image quality is quite clear and sharp. Another advantage is that you can connect your Android cellphone CCTV with a monitoring cellphone using only the device name.

In fact, you can also hear the sound recorded on the Android cellphone CCTV so you can know if suspicious things happen in your house.

DeveloperKaars Solutions
Android Minimum4.3 and above

Download EyesPie here

Apps Kaarss Solutions DOWNLOAD

9. WiFi Baby Monitor

Just like his name, WiFi Baby Monitor has the main function of monitoring the baby's room. Therefore, this application has been equipped night vision and motion detector.

Even so, you can still use WiFi Baby Monitor as a CCTV application on your cellphone. The trick is to use 2 HP at once.

Some other features that you must know are live chat & video chat, use front & rear cameras, and much more.

InformationWiFi Baby Monitor
DeveloperAlfred Systems Inc.
Android Minimum2.3.3 and above

Download WiFi Baby Monitor here

10. Video Surveillance Videon

The last app on this list is Video Surveillance Ivideon capable of performing video surveillance, remote video monitoring and video recording for security cameras, DVRs and NVRs.

Not only recording and monitoring, Video Surveillance Ivideon will also notify your cellphone if there are events around CCTV.

In addition to presenting recordings in real time, this CCTV application for Android also stores recordings in the cloud so that you can access them again if needed.

InformationVideo Surveillance Ivideon
DeveloperMobile Video Solutions
SizeVaries by device
Android MinimumVaries by device

Download Video Surveillance Ivideon here

Those are the 10 best Android CCTV applications in 2021. Your old smartphone can be reused as CCTV, right!

Plus, you don't have to buy expensive new CCTV to keep an eye on your home. Hope it is useful!

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