5 powerful ways to strengthen a weak 3g or hsdpa signal

For those of you who are often constrained by weak 3G or HSDPA signal problems, of course these methods will really help you in overcoming these problems.

There are only 3 living habits of Indonesian people, namely: Eat, Drink and Internet. But the problem is, not all areas have good signal coverage. What's a smartphone but there's no signal, it's like I want to buy food but don't have money.

There are so many reasons why the signal around you is so bad, from tall buildings to the density of smartphone users in the area. But don't worry, Jaka already has a solution for you to get 3G signal or HSDPA strong even in an emergency.

How to Strengthen a Weak 3G or HSDPA Signal

Immediately Find an Open Place

Outdoors are the most important solution if you are in a signal emergency. Because, in the open you can get a 3G or HSDPA signal smoothly. But don't go out in the open when it's raining, yes, the smartphone will be damaged, unless you use it Sony Xperia Z5 Premium.

Restart Your Smartphone

This is the classic way to restore your lost 3G or HSDPA signal. Because by restarting your smartphone, the smartphone will automatically try to find a signal again (at least until you get it). This method is proven to be able to restore a lost or weak signal.

Don't let the battery run low

Low battery (low-batt) is one of the causes you lose 3G or HSDPA Signal. Why? because smartphones need a large enough power to find a signal to the nearest BTS. Read it first How to Speed ​​up Battery Charging.

Lower the Car Glass

If you lose your 3G or HSDPA signal while in the car, try to lower each window and place your smartphone slightly outside, at least until signal reception is successful.

Use Signal Booster

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The last way that you can use to increase the 3G or HSDPA signal on your smartphone is to use an application called Mobile Network Signal Booster, this application will automatically clean the surrounding network so that your smartphone network becomes smooth.

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