5 android applications to check credit and quota for 3, axis, xl, indosat, telkomsel

Telkomsel, 3 (Tri), Axis, XL, and Indosat have prepared applications that can be used to check the amount of credit, Internet quota and even hunt for promo packages. Check your provider's application here.

For gadget users, you certainly can't get rid of the name credit and Internet, these two things have become a necessity that is also important in this modern era. Because of these needs every provider has prepared an application to check credit and Internet quota. Besides being able to check the amount of credit and data quota, this application can also be used to monitor certain packages with promo prices.

If you are a service user from Telkomsel, 3 (Tri), Axis, XL, and Indosat, now you have provider has prepared an application that can be used to check the amount of credit and internet quota, besides that we can also use this application for hunting promo packages which is usually given at certain times.

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5 Android Applications to Check Credit and Quota for 3, Axis, XL, Indosat, Telkomsel

1. BimaTri - Check Credit 3

three or so-called Tri is provider who are passionate about providing Internet packages at low prices. Therefore, Tri has prepared a pulse check application 3 which aims to make it easier for its customers. With the 3rd pulse check application called BimaTri Tri loyal customers will get benefits such as convenience in information such as card data, credit amount, remaining quota amount, applicable bonuses, data package access period, and types of packages available. You can also buy the package directly or use the contents menu vouchers if you have previously purchased a package in the form of vouchers.

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2. MyCare - Check Indosat Credit

Credit check app Indosat, MyCare This is very useful and can be used to check various information. The information includes the amount of credit and its validity period, type of package and its validity period, bonuses, history package usage, buying credit and packages directly from the application, current promo information, PIN and PUK code information. Contents menu is also available vouchers for service My Wallet, Credit card, Debit Card, as well as vouchers other applicable.

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3. Axis Net - Check Axis Credit

This application is intended for loyal users of the service Axis. Application function Axis Net This is the same as the application that has been discussed previously, but the Axis Net application has relatively more features made specifically to pamper its loyal customers.

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4. MyXL - Check XL Credit

Applications for loyal service customers XL It also has features that are no less good than the previous pulse check application. However, it seems that on the app MyXL There is no menu that provides packages with promo prices. You will only be presented with a menu to see the packages purchased by many customers.

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5. MyTelkomsel - Check Telkomsel Credit

Application MyTelkomsel This is intended for loyal service customers Telkomsel as HALO card, simPATI, AS card, and loop. The interesting features obtained from the Telkomsel credit check application are the ease of finding information about entertainment packages, Internet, telephone, and SMS. This application also provides convenience for more practical top up using TCASH services, credit cards and debit cards. Redeem rewards can also be done directly on the Telkomsel POIN menu and other important information can be found in this application such as bills, credit, and package information currently offered.

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Those are 5 Android applications to check credit and quota that can be used for each one provider. The five applications are deliberately made to provide convenience for customers who use Android. Now you know more about the promo packages provided by provider your choice!

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