how to change the qwerty keyboard on android to abc like an old cellphone

Most Android cellphone keyboards are QWERTY type. Well, this time Jaka wants to tell you how to change the QWERTY keyboard on Android to ABC like an old cellphone.

Most of the default keyboards on Android phones today are of type QWERTY. The use of a QWERTY keyboard is considered more efficient and faster to type than the number keys commonly used on old school cellphones. But sometimes there are also people who prefer to use classic buttons like old school cellphones. For example, parents or people whose fingers are too big, making it difficult to press the keys on a relatively small QWERTY keyboard. That's why this time Jaka wants to tell you how to change the QWERTY keyboard on Android to ABC like an old cellphone.

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To change the QWERTY keyboard with ABC123 is very easy. You just use the app Go Keyboard on your HP. Switching from QWERTY to ABC123 is also very easy. Just one button. In addition, your keyboard will look much cooler than the default keyboard on your Android phone. Here's how.

  • Download and Install the application GO Keyboard below this.
Apps Social & Messaging GO Dev Team DOWNLOAD
  • Open your Android phone settings, then select "Language & Input".
  • Change the keyboard you are currently using to GO Keyboard.
  • Well, now you can open SMS or the application chat others to try GO Keyboard.

  • Click the language button in the middle of the keyboard.

  • Select 9 button keyboard settings, then click the button back.
  • Your keyboard has now changed to an ABC123 keyboard like an old cellphone.

That's an easy way to turn your QWERTY keyboard into an ABC123 keypad like an old cellphone. You can use this method for fun or if you really need an Android keyboard with buttons like this. If you have other information, questions, or opinions, please write them in the column comments below this.

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