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5 easy ways to watch youtube on tv without lag

Watching YouTube for hours on a cellphone makes your eyes, neck, and hands tired quickly. Jaka will teach you how to watch YouTube on TV more optimally, gang

Watch YouTube it's never boring. You can watch thousands to millions of unique and interesting videos on this one of the largest video sharing platforms in the world.

Even so, watching YouTube on a cellphone doesn't feel satisfied. No matter how big your smartphone screen is, your hands and neck still feel sore after hours of watching YouTube.

There is a solution for those of you who want to watch YouTube more optimally and without feeling sore, namely by watching YouTube on TV. Here's Jaka's review how to watch YouTube on TV easily.

How to Watch YouTube on TV

Technology is now more sophisticated. This allows today's TVs to do the things we normally do on Android phones. Call it watching movies and playing Android games.

In this article, you will not find tutorials on how to watch YouTube on Sharp TVs, how to watch YouTube on LG TVs, and so on because TV brands don't affect this tutorial.

ApkVenue will explain several ways to watch YouTube on TV. Not only for Android TV, but you can also do it on regular TV, gang. Check it out!

How to Watch YouTube on TV with Google Chrome

One of the most practical ways for those of you who want to watch YouTube on TV is with one of the browser's built-in features Google Chrome. However, you are also required to have an Android TV to use this feature.

  • Step 1: Open Google Chrome on your laptop, PC, or cellphone.

  • Step 2: Go to the YouTube site (//

  • Step 3: In your browser, click the button menu (3 vertical dots icon) located at the top right of the screen. In the menu that appears, select Cast.

  • Step 4: choose Device that you want to cast. Make sure your Android TV and your device are connected to the same WiFi network.

How to Watch YouTube on TV with Code

The next is how to watch YouTube on TV via code. This code works so that you can login to your YouTube account via the YouTube app on Android TV.

  • Step 1: Make sure if your TV is an Android TV that has the Google Play Store app in it. Next, download the YouTube app on your TV via the Google Play Store.

  • Step 2:Sign in to your Google account on Android TV. After signing in, a list will appear containing several YouTube accounts.

  • Step 3: Select the YouTube account you want. Confirmation code will appear on the screen after you select a profile. Write down the confirmation code.

  • Step 4: On your cellphone, computer, or tablet, open an internet browser and enter the address // .

  • Step 5: Enter the confirmation code that you noted earlier.

  • Step 6: Click Allow on the confirmation page to agree to access your YouTube account via TV.
  • Step 7: Open your YouTube application, then select a video that you want to watch.

  • Step 8: When you have opened the video, click on the icon Cast located in the upper-right corner of the screen.

  • Step 9: Select the Android TV that you registered earlier.

How to Watch YouTube on TV with Miracast

Miracast or Wireless Display is a built-in feature in smartphones that allows you to connect your cellphone to the Android TV screen only with a WiFi connection.

Usually, today's cellphones have this feature embedded. You just connect your TV and your cellphone to the same WiFi to watch YouTube on TV.

The following is how to watch YouTube on TV with WiFi through the Miracast feature on HP:

  • Step 1: Make sure your cellphone already supports the Miracast or Wireless Display feature first.

  • Step 2: Turn on your TV, then in the options menu look for a setting that works to activate the setting Miracast / Screen Mirroring.

  • Step 3: Each TV brand has its own settings. Look for information on Google about how to set up Miracast according to the TV brand you are using.

  • Step 4: After you activate Miracast / Screen Mirroring, your TV will immediately scan the smartphone that activates the feature Wireless Display.

  • Step 5: Open your cellphone, then open the menu Settings. After that click on Connection & Sharing, then select an option Cast.

  • Step 6: Keep in mind, each HP brand has its own way of setting, even though the difference is not significant.

  • Step 7: Activate Cast, then your cellphone will scan the TV that is activating Miracast as well. Wait until your TV detects HP or vice versa.

  • Step 8: You just open the YouTube application on your cellphone then your cellphone screen will immediately appear on the TV.

How to Watch YouTube on TV with HDMI Cable

If you don't use WiFi, you can watch YouTube on TV by connecting the TV and cellphone via an HDMI cable. Before doing so, you must have micro HDMI to HDMI cable first, gang.

  • Step 1: First of all, you need to turn off the TV that will be connected to the cellphone.

  • Step 2: Connect your Android smartphone to the TV using the supplied HDMI cable. The small end (micro HDMI) is for plugging into a smartphone, while the large end (HDMI) is for plugging into a TV socket that says HDMI.

  • Step 3: If it is installed, turn on the TV that you previously turned off. Continue by moving the channel to the HDMI option.

  • Step 4: Switching to a smartphone, activate the HDMI Connection menu on the smartphone by giving a checklist or a check mark on the option.

  • Step 5: Your TV screen display is now the same as what is on the smartphone screen display. In other words, the two devices are already connected to each other, gang.

How to Watch YouTube on TV with Android TV Box

If you don't use Android TV, you can take advantage of the Android TV Box circulating at online merchants, gang. The price starts from only Rp. 200 thousand, really.

Android Box is a tool that will turn your TV into an Android TV. The condition is that your TV must have an HDMI port. How to? Come on, see!

  • Step 1: Connect your TV with the Android TV Box that you have purchased.

  • Step 2: Change the TV input to HDMI.

  • Step 3: You will enter the main menu of your Android TV Box. If you have the YouTube application installed, all you have to do is click and watch YouTube on TV to your heart's content.

That's Jaka's article on a complete guide on how to easily watch YouTube on TV. Hopefully this article is useful for those of you who want to watch YouTube more optimally.

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