easy way to increase ram on pc using internal hard drive

Want to know how to easily add RAM on your PC?

Currently, the use of PCs is increasing. Anyone using a PC desktop for work, and there are also those who use it to play a variety of exciting games available for PC either on line nor offline. Therefore, most of you must be very active in saving to make money.upgrade components of your innards.

Even though you have changed VGA andupgrade processor, it still feels lacking. Why? Because, there is one component that you must improve. What's that? Of course Random Access Memory or commonly abbreviated as RAM. Yes, standard PCs usually only embed 4 GB of RAM. With such a large capacity, of course you still feel lacking, right? So, ApkVenue will tell you something unique, namely an easy way to add RAM on a PC using an internal hard drive.

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Easy Ways to Add RAM on a PC Using an Internal Hard Drive

Of course the hell, if you have the money, you can easily just buy it at a computer store to add PC RAM gaming you. However, what will happen if you are no more money? Do you have to worship your parents in order to buy RAM? Or do you intend to steal? Do not dong. Through this article, ApkVenue will provide the easiest way to increase RAM on a PC without having to spend money. Pay attention to the steps.

  • First thing, right-click on an empty space in My Computer, then select Properties
  • After that, select the option Advanced system settings
  • If you have logged in to System Properties, there is a display option Performance. Click option Settings
  • Next, you will enter Performance Options. On the menu Virtual Memory, click Change
  • Uncheck the option Automatically manage paging file. Then, select drive which one do you want to use to increase RAM. Then, provide a number to add RAM according to the free space of your internal hard disk. Then click Set, and click OK.
  • After that, you Restart your PC, then look again then the number on virtual memory has increased.

It's done, do you feel the difference? Definitely PC gaming you getting awesome and speeding yes? If you are satisfied, you can share the information in this article with all your friends guys! So, they can also do the same thing and you can play games together ok. Write your opinion in the comments column below regarding the article on how to increase this PC RAM.

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