a fast and easy way to rename automatically as well as many files on the computer

Want to rename hundreds of files or folders? Tired of having to rename one by one? Jaka has a quick and easy way to automatically rename many files on the computer.

You've never had a lot of files or folders, then you want to name them sequentially. But it's tiring if you have torename one by one? Moreover, there are tens, even hundreds. Well, Jaka is here software to rename your files and folders at once automatically. So you have a quick and easy way rename automatically a lot of files on the computer.

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Software named Bulk Rename Utility It has a lot of features built into it. You can rename files and folders automatically in a certain order, from simple to complex. But this time, ApkVenue will explain one simple use that many people might need. Namely create a folder of dates in one month. Usually useful for those of you who are already working, to store daily work data so that it is neat and systematic. For example, Jaka who writes articles every day. So if one day you need data from a certain date, it's not difficult to find it. Let's try.

  • The first step, you first create many folders that represent each date in one month. Just click the button "New Folders" many times.
  • Now, download softwareBulk Rename Utility. Continue install, okay. Method installit's normal. You sure can, okay? Download here:
Apps Productivity Bulk Rename Utility DOWNLOAD Apps Productivity Bulk Rename Utility DOWNLOAD
  • If it is installed, you can open the program.
  • Look for a folder that contains many new files or folders that you created earlier. Then block all files or folders that you want to rename.
  • After being blocked, Go to section "Remove (5)". In column "First", click the small up arrow to the right of the number to remove all characters in the old file or folder name. For example this time up to 15 characters.
  • After that, in the "Add(7)", enter the name of the month you want in the column "Suffix". For example, this time Jaka wants to make a folder for the month of July. So Jaka typed "(space)July". The space here means to separate the date number and the month name.
  • Then go to section "Numbers (10)". In column "Mode", choose "Prefix". Then in column "Start", type a number "1". You can also use the small arrow next to the column.
  • If it's all, you just click the button "Rename" at the bottom right to rename the entire file or folder.
  • If a dialog box appears, just click "OK" just.
  • Done, okay. Try checking the new folders that you created earlier. Now the name has changed from "New folder" to consecutive dates.

Easy and fast, right? SoftwareBulk Rename Utility it has tons of features to rename files and folders automatically and sequentially. You can try other features yourself. If you find even cooler uses and benefits than software this, let Jaka know later comments, yes!

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