7 brands of the strongest & most durable mobile phone case

Unfortunately, your expensive smartphone is scratched or cracked because you are not careful. To be even more secure and protected, just use a durable HP case, gang

Smartphones have become a primary need for modern humans. Honestly, okay. What is the first thing you look for when you wake up? The majority will say smartphones, gang.

So unfortunately we are with smartphones, to the point that we try to keep the smartphone wholeheartedly. But sometimes bad things happen.

One of the main solutions in preventing bad things from happening to our smartphones is to use a casing. However, an ordinary casing is not enough, gang.

In this article, ApkVenue will give you recommendations for the strongest and most durable HP case that can protect your smartphone to the maximum.

7 Most Strong & Durable Phone Case Brands

Previously, Jaka had discussed about a durable smartphone that you can use. As an alternative, you can attach a protective HP case to protect your smartphone.

HP cases with a high level of protection are different from ordinary cases. If the ordinary casing is more concerned with style, while the protection casing is more concerned with security.

In fact, some of these durable cases have military standards that will ensure the safety of your smartphone from cracking, even breaking.

Curious, right? Instead of stalling for time, here are 7 of the strongest and most durable mobile phone casing brands for you.

1. Urban Armor Gear Composite Case

Urban Armor Gear or commonly abbreviated UAG is a casing made with a military design. Because the military, must be strong and resilient, gang.

Even though it is durable and sturdy, the UAG Composite Case doesn't make your smartphone bulky and heavy. So it's still nice for you to hold.

The UAG Composite Case is specifically intended for those of you who like outdoor and extreme activities. No need to worry if you just fall, gang.

Protective case this one provides the best protection in terms of impact compared to other cases. It's really safe.

You can buy this tough HP case for IDR 50 thousand - IDR 500 thousand depending on the smartphone you are using.

2. Nillkin Defender Case

Nillkin Defender Case is a protective case that will protect your favorite smartphone from bumps, scratches, or shocks.

Although this case is made to protect your favorite smartphone, manufacturers don't forget the aesthetic aspect, gang.

In addition to being strong and durable, the Nillkin Defender Case also has a very cool design. If Jaka pays attention, like Transformers, the gang.

The Nillkin Defender Case consists of a combination of two premium materials made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and polycarbonate. Both of these materials are able to provide extra protection for your smartphone.

You can buy Nillkin Defender Case at a range price IDR 20 thousand - IDR 185 thousand depending on the smartphone you are using. Pretty affordable.

3. Spigen Slim Armor

Spigen Slim Armor is a protective case that is quite popular among smartphone users. In addition to providing protection, this casing also has a stylish design, you know.

Spigen Slim Armor Case features ultra drop protection double layered. In addition, the Spigen is equipped with military-standard technology air cushion around the corners of the case.

No need to worry if your smartphone falls. The Spigen case is also pretty tough, gang. Besides being safe from impact, this casing is also safe from scratches.

Because it is equipped with an air cushion feature, it's only natural that the Spigen Slim Armor is quite thick, gang. Even so, the rounded edges will keep you comfortable in holding your smartphone.

You can buy Spigen Slim Armor for IDR 10 thousand - IDR 495 thousand depending on the smartphone you use, gang.

4. Anker Toughshell Case

Anker Toughshell Case is a protective case that is strong and durable, and is equipped with a variety of advanced technologies to protect your favorite smartphone.

This durable case will protect your smartphone with technology gravity guard and shock shield that meet the high standards of the United States (US) military.

If other cases only protect the back of the smartphone, the Anker Toughshell Case will protect your smartphone with complete protection.

This case will form a shell that will protect all parts of the smartphone. This shell will protect the smartphone even when used in any extreme environment.

If you are interested in this case, you have to spend as much as IDR 30 thousand - IDR 550 thousand depending on the smartphone you are using.

5. Otterbox Defender Case

Otterbox Defender Case is a protective casing with one of the most complete protection, gang. The reason is, this one casing makes your smartphone anti-dust, waterproof, and anti-shock.

Otterbox is made of strong polycarbonate material so it is heat and cold resistant. This case is claimed to be able to protect the smartphone in the event of a fire or snow storm.

This case combines three ultra layers to protect your smartphone from bumps, drops, dirt and scratches.

In addition, your screen will also be protected with a layer of scratch-resistant film. Isn't that great, gang? The original Otterbox Defender Case is in the price range IDR 210,000 - IDR 1.4 million depending on the variant.

6. Griffin Survivor Case

Griffin Survivor Case have a very solid appearance, gang. However, it's not just a solid appearance. This case is also very durable and sturdy.

The Griffin Survivor Case uses a shell like the Anker Toughshell, but has multiple materials. The shell uses impact dispersion system Griffin's own exclusive.

The solid shell protects the smartphone from shocks, dust, and splashes of water. In fact, the Griffin Survivor Case is able to protect smartphones that fall from a height of 2 meters to the maximum.

The strong exterior can make your smartphone become dented. Therefore, Griffin uses a polycarbonate material shell that makes your smartphone not dent.

Griffin Survivor Case is in the price range IDR 40 thousand - IDR 600 thousand depending on the smartphone you are using. Interested?

7. X Doria Defense Lux

Just like his name, X Doria Defense Lux offers maximum protection for your favorite smartphone while giving the impression of luxury.

With an outer hardcase made of polycarbonate, and an outer frame made of aluminum, this durable case will protect your smartphone from bumps and scratches.

To make it look luxurious and classy, ​​on the back of the casing is added a panel with a luxurious texture that will add a premium impression.

The premium panels are not just for display, gang. The panel also functions as double protection for your smartphone.

You can buy this premium case for IDR 100 thousand - IDR 500 thousand according to the smartphone you have.

That's an article from Jaka about 7 brands of the strongest and most durable cellphone casings that you can use. Instead of your expensive smartphone getting scratched, it's better to protect it directly by using the casing above, gang.

See you in the next Jaka article, OK!

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