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how to make wa tick one even though it's been read

Want to read WA chat but think it's offline? Well, you can follow how to make WA tick 1 in regular WA but you have read it, in full as follows.

WhatsApp now it can be said to be an application chat the best, which surely each of you has and uses it for your daily needs.

In using the application chat which is now under the auspices of this Facebook, of course you have each type of use, right?

Including for those of you who like read message but lazy to reply, aka so silent reader that's it!

Well, this time Jaka has tips so you can know how to make WA tick 1 on regular WA, but on line and you can read without worry "terrorized" to reply. How's the feeling?

Here's How To Chat WA Tick 1 Even though you've read it, it's really easy!

WhatsApp itself actually has a built-in or official feature that allows you to disable the two blue check marks (blue ticks).

Blue ticks itself can be a sign that the message or chat The WA you sent has been received and read by the recipient of the message, gang.

Photo source: Special (This one tick WA trick can be done with a WA MOD application, such as GBWhatsApp.)

But do you really want to signal that chat Other people's WA haven't been accepted but have you read it? Well, you can use the WA MOD application that ApkVenue recommends, here!

Here ApkVenue will use the application GBWhatsApp which is guaranteed to solve this problem. Because you can make WA tick one but on line to read the message.

Before following the steps, let's download application GBWhatsApp APK which you can get via the link below for Android users.

GBWhatsapp Social & Messaging Apps DOWNLOAD

Step 1 - Register a WA Account on the GBWhatsApp Application

  • If you used a WA account before, ApkVenue recommends doing chat backup WhatsApp which ApkVenue has reviewed before.
  • Then you already NS-uninstall official WhatsApp app and just installed the GBWhatsApp application on your Android phone, gang.
  • Open the application that is already installed, here you can choose an option Restore to return chat backup WA or Agree and Continue to create a new account.

Step 2 - Go to Privacy Settings in GBWhatsApp

  • If you have gone to the main view of GBWhatsApp as follows, all you have to do is tap three dots icon which is at the top.
  • Here you just select the option AlexMods/FouadMods and then go to Privacy and Security.

Step 3 - Change Privacy Settings for Contacts and Groups

  • On the Privacy and Security page, you just have to swipe down until you find the section Chats. Here you can choose the settings for Contacts and Groups.

Step 4 - Turn on Hide Blue Ticks and Second Ticks Option

  • Will appear pop-up which contains several options that you can activate. Here you just select the option Hide blue ticks and Hide second ticks so that WA checks 1 on the message sender display.
  • A warning will appear telling the user the risk of the WA method by ticking 1 which you can ignore by tapping OK.

Step 5 - Display WA Check One on WhatsApp Sender

  • Now how to make WA tick 1 has been successful for you to do and this is how it looks like on the WhatsApp messenger application, gang.
  • In addition to WA contacts who have private chats, you can activate this option for family WA groups where you usually act as a silent reader, right?

Step 6 - Display WA Check One on WhatsApp Recipient

  • Well, even though you're on line or have read the message will still have the status of one tick, you know. And this is how the message in the GBWhatsApp application that you use.


In some cases, chat WA will turns into a double tick after a while The recipient leaves the chat room. To ensure this step is successful, it is recommended that you continue toupdates GBWhatsApp application used.

Bonus: Best WhatsApp MOD APK App Recommendations for Android in 2020

Apart from the GBWhatsApp that ApkVenue uses in this method, there are actually various WhatsApp MOD (WA MOD) application which offers similar and even more advanced features.

As for if the method above hasn't worked, you can also try other recommendations for the WA MOD APK application for Android phones that Jaka has reviewed here.


Well, that's the tutorial on how to make WA tick 1 on regular WA but on line which you can read without needing to know, gang.

Now you don't have to be afraid that other people will be upset because you haven't replied to their messages. Because surely they think chat WA pending and it hasn't been sent yet.

That's a lot of fun, right? Well, if you have other recommendations for WhatsApp tips and tricks, don't hesitate to write them in the comments column below. Good luck!

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