These 3 disease detection applications can find out any disease in your body

Not only for chatting or playing games, smartphones can also be used for health needs. Here JalanTikus gives you a list of the best disease detection applications.

The heart is one of the most important organs in the body. If your heart's performance is disrupted, your body's health will be disrupted and your productivity will decrease. However, that does not mean that you should pay attention to the health of the heart.

After JalanTikus had time to give you a way to measure your heart rate using a smartphone, this time JalanTikus will give you a list disease detection app via smartphones. With these health applications, it is hoped that we can continue to live healthy.

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Disease Detector App

Apart from entertainment and communication functions, smartphones have many other functions. Even if you can use it wisely, smartphones can be used for health purposes. So, let's observe in detail what your body feels with the help of the following disease detection applications!

1. What's My Pain

Developed by Smartindo Access, an IT company that has long developed information services in hospitals, applications What's My Pain commonly abbreviated ASK is the best health app on Android. This application offers an early diagnosis feature to detect existing diseases before going to see a doctor.

Disease detection app What'sMyPain work by reading the complaints or symptoms experienced by you. You just have to look for what complaints you feel in the disease search column, then this application algorithm will read the database to find possible diseases you are suffering from. Not only that, ApaSakitKu also features free consultations with doctors, information on nearby clinics, and health articles.

Download APK ApaPakitKu

2. iCare Health Monitor

Unlike the previous application, in iCare Health Monitor you will not find any Indonesian content. Naturally, because this disease detection application was developed by foreign people. However, even though it is not an application made by the nation's children, this application is very feasible for you to use.

By installing iCare Health Monitor, you will get many health functions in one application. You can measure blood pressure, heart rate health, lung health, hearing to eye health. The way it works is by using the smartphone camera's LED function to perform calculations. And there are many other tests that can be done to detect diseases in your body.

Not only detecting disease, this application can also be used to train the health of your organs. You can train the health of eye focus, hearing, and even train heart health. Cool!

Download APK iCare Health Monitor

3. Health Calculator

After your heart rate has been measured by iCare Health Monitor, what can you do? Are you really healthy so that it fits the ideal health requirements or not? To find out you can use the application Health Calculator. This application will help to find out your health limit by calculating it from your personal data.

Thanks to the Health Monitor application, you can find out what your ideal weight is, what a healthy heart rate is, what blood pressure should be, and how much water your body needs. Everything is based on your age, weight, height and personal information. Truly a must-have health application to accompany other applications.

Download Health Calculator APK

Well, that's 3 disease detection applications on Android that you must install if you want to stay healthy. By using the right application, you can detect any disease in your body. Believe it or not, with the health applications above, you can provide an initial diagnosis of the disease you are suffering from before going for a consultation and seeing a doctor.

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