this is an easy tutorial for celebrity-style photo editing using vsco, guaranteed lots of likes!

Are you looking for tips and tutorials using VSCO to make your photos even better? Here are tips on using VSCO so that your photos are on par with celebrities!

Like annoyed photo on your Instagram no anyone like? Like jealous the same celebgram or your friends who have feed Cool Instagram? Want to make Instagram feed you become cool but no know how?

Admittedly, VSCO is one of the best photo editing applications to date on both Android and iPhone.

So, don't be surprised if many people use VSCO to edit their photos.

Well, you are still confused about how to use VSCO what is good and right? Calm guys!

Jaka will tell you tips and tutorials using VSCO so that your photos are on par with international photographers and celebgrams!

Tips for Using VSCO for Cool Photo Results tub Professional Celebrity and Photographer

One of the ways that celebgrams become famous is by making feed Their Instagram is as attractive as possible.

If you really intend to become a celebgram or travel blogger famous who have feed and good photos, you can follow some VSCO editing tips from Jaka below:

1. Choose an Appropriate Filter

The main selling point of VSCO is the large selection of filters/presets available in this app. Although indeed, to get dozens of existing filters, you have to buy full version this app (VSCO X).

However, actually you don't need to buy the version full version if you can choose and play the filters that are already available properly.

One of the most popular presets or filters that many photographers and celebrities use is Aesthetic Series (A4-A6). However, the filter you choose actually really depends on your editing style.

There is no right-wrong rule when choosing filters in VSCO. It all depends on your editing style and personal preferences. On the condition that the edits you make are not too Overreacting and uncouth.

At the end of the article, Jaka will provide some filter + settings references that you can choose that are tailored to the theme of your photo.

2. Take Advantage of Exposure and Contrast To Make Photos Brighter

One thing that is no less important to make your edited photos on VSCO more 'cool' is to manage Exposure and Contrast as good as possible.

Exposure In terms of photography, it refers to the amount of light that falls into the image/photo that we take, which will affect how light and dark the photo is.

Well, if the photo you take is in good condition low light and lack of lighting, besides choosing a suitable filter, don't forget to play Exposure so that your photos become brighter. Whereas Contrast more to the dynamics of the dark and light sides of an image/photo.

Another thing to pay attention to when you edit with VSCO is about Contrast. When you play the contrast right, your photos look more 'real' and sharp.

3. Make Your Photos Look More 'Live'

The third tip that you need to pay attention to when editing with VSCO is regarding Aesthetics Photo.

So, actually this third tip is a combination of tips number one and number two. What do you mean, Jack?

What it means is, you have to sensitive by entering the 'life' in the photo you want to edit. For example, suppose you are editing a beach photo. Well, to make the photo more lively, it seems more suitable to use a filter that is bluish and bright by setting Exposure, Contrast, Grain, Temperature and others as best as possible.

Actually it's free you want whatever filter you want, but if you pay attention to celebgrams and professional photographers editing their photos, for sure

4. Use the Right Cropping Technique

Actually, these are just additional tips and you don't have to follow them if the position of the photo object you take is perfect.

However, for some photos it is necessary to do the process first cropping in order to get angle that fits and fits.

Usually technique cropping this will be more useful on photos taken with Macro mode.

Sometimes, the object of the photo is too far away and needs to behighlights so to make the photo more focused, you must do cropping.

5. Create Your Own Filter

Finally, if you find that you have found a suitable filter and fit really for your feed, instead of forgetting what the settings are, you better save it.

So, whenever you want to edit a new photo but with the same filter preset, you only need to select the filter preset that you saved earlier.

How to save VSCO filter settings is also very easy, just click the logo reverse arrow which is on the VSCO menu.

BONUS: VSCO Filter Preset Settings

1. Soft Orange

2. Dapper OOTD

3. Brownish Monochrome

Other VSCO Presets/Filters ~

4.Happy Blue

5.Rosy Pink

6.Warm Orange Choco

7.Light Blue Sky and Ocean

8.Dark Green Tropical

9. Ultimate Monochrome

10.Warm Violet

11.Turquoise Green

12.Green Nature

13.Light Selfie fro Men

14.Classic Brown

15.Romantic Vintage

Those were tips and some filter tutorials that you can use to maximize your photo edits on VSCO.

How? Already got 'enlightenment' how to make photos and feed What's interesting on Instagram, right?

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