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how to make a #pathdaily post on path

Admit it, you must often see Path Daily posts, right? So, are you curious about how to make it? Here's how to make a #PathDaily post on Path.

In the world, the Path social media application is not as popular as in Indonesia. This application that limits the number of friends to only 500 people has become popular in Indonesia because it makes it easy for users to share status, photos, videos, locations, and even listen to or watch what songs.

Well, recently Path rolled out updates a new version equipped with the horrendous Path Daily feature. Are you curious about how to make Path Daily on Path?

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#PathDaily Post Fever

Come on, admit it, you must have seen it often post Path Daily in Path right? Posts Path Daily that mushroomed past tags#PathDaily in Path lately is actually a new feature called Visual Thought. With this feature, every moment The 'Thought' you create will automatically be accompanied by a random image from the Path.

How to Make a #PathDaily Post

To make post #PathDaily, you can simplyupdate your _Path application to the latest version. If you haven't _updatednya, then you can't make post #PathDaily. Please download the latest Path APK.

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  • If you are already using the latest version of Path, please make it moment 'Thought' as usual. To activate the feature Visual Thought or post Path Daily, you can simply add hashtags#PathDaily at the end post 'Thoughts'.
  • Once you post, Path will automaticallygenerate the status you made became sort of greeting cards with random pictures. Uniquely, the #PathDaily tag will automatically appear in the resulting image.

IMPORTANT: Path Daily cannot be used for post longer than 110 characters.

How, how easy is it to make post This PathDaily? So you don't have to bother making MEME or greeting cards to express your thoughts. Just add tags #PathDaily, you can make moment cool on Path.

Cool Features Apart from Daily Path

Because there are many popping up in timeline, you must want to join in making Path Daily, right? Well, now you can make other than the Visual Thought or Path Daily features. But actually apart from Path Daily, updates The latest Path is also equipped with several other interesting features, such as:

  1. Edit Moment. If you often typo when making moment in Path, now you don't have to bother deleting it. But just edit moment that you made. Bye-bye typo and misspelled in Path!
  2. Photo Location. For those of you who often use Path to check-in somewhere, this feature allows you to check photos of your friends too check-in at that place.
  3. Profile URL. Want to make new friends on Path, but don't know what to name them? Now you just share profile link you on Facebook or Twitter, then wait for them toadd you.

How about other than #PathDaily, updates The latest from Path also has other cool features right? Good luck!

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