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how to make android phone as guitar effect

Here Jaka wants to explain how to make an Android cellphone as a guitar effect, so you can jam anywhere and anytime without having to carry an amp.

The problem with most guitarists is that they don't have guitar amplifier and effects adequate. You know, because the price is exorbitant. Therefore, this time Jaka wants to discuss how to make an android phone as a guitar effect.

Like a PC or laptop, you can also make an Android cellphone into a simulator amplifier or guitar effects. After that, of course you have to install the application.

In addition, the tools you need don't need to be expensive either. For more details, see the following article.

How to Make an Android Phone As a Guitar Effect

Before we discuss how to turn your Android phone into a guitar effect, here are the tools you need to turn your Android phone into a guitar effect.

You can get all the equipment below in online shopping applications.

  • guitar jack cable, IDR 35,000 - IDR 400,000.

  • USB Guitar Link, IDR 80,000. In addition to using USB Guitar Link you can use iRig.

  • Female converter adapter jack 3.5mm and male 6.5 mm (3.5 mm to 6.5 mm), IDR 20,000.

  • Aux Cable, IDR 25,000.

  • USB OTG, around IDR 30,000-75,000

  • Speaker, depending on the brand.

Next, you have to install the Deplike application because Deeply compatible with USB OTG Cable. Next, you immediately follow the steps below.


How to connect Guitar to Android Phone

Connecting a guitar to an Android phone is very easy. You can do this in no more than 5 minutes.

Step 1 - Connect the Aux Cable to the speaker

First of all, you connect the aux cable to your speakers. After that, converter adapter jackyou plug it in on the other side. Like the image below.

Step 2 - Connect Guitar Link to the speaker

Next, you connect the plugged aux cable converter adapter jack to USB Guitar Link.

Step 3 - Connect USB OTG Cable to Android Phone

Then, plug your USB OTG cable into your Android phone.

Step 4 - Connect USB Guitar Link to Android Phone

Then, you connect USB Guitar Link you to an Android phone.

If you successfully connect the USB Guitar Link to your Android phone, the light on the USB Guitar Link will light up.


Step 5 - Plug in the Jack on the guitar

After that, you plug your guitar jack cable into your electric or acoustic electric guitar.

Then, you check volume that's on your guitar and you turn it down. Likewise with the Tone.

This needs to be done so that your speakers do not break because the speakers that are commonly used in electric guitar amplifiers are different from the speakers we usually use everyday.

Step 6 - Connect guitar to Android phone

You just plug the guitar jack cable on your electric or acoustic electric guitar into the USB Guitar Link as shown below.

Step 7 - Open Deplike app

The next step you open the application Deeplike that you have installed on your HP.

A pop-up will appear saying whether the application can access the Default USB. You click OK just.

Well, now your electric guitar and Android phone are connected.

Next, you choose to use the simulator amplifier and which guitar effect suits your choice.

Then, slowly increase the sound volume both on the guitar and on the cellphone and speakers. Then increase the knob too Tone your guitar.

Now you can use top guitar amplifiers and effects without spending millions!

A collection of Guitar Effects and Amplifiers available on the Deplike App

Deplike is an app like GuitarRig 5 or Amplitube. You can download the Deplike application for free, but to enjoy all its features, of course you have to pay.

For the free feature, only one amplifier is available. So in order to enjoy the guitar effects you have to pay. But you can also, really, use it for free by watching ads.

Just one time watching ads, for about 5-10 minutes you can enjoy legendary guitar effects like Ibanez TS 808.

Here's a complete list of guitar effects and amplifiers available in the Deplike app.


  • Stock Amp, a Fender amplifier simulator.

  • Crafter

  • ANRG, ENGL amplifier simulator.

  • Fox AC30, Vox AC30 amplifier simulator

  • JCM 800, JCM 800 amplifier simulator.

  • 5550, an amplifier simulator used by metal band Trivium.

  • Recto

  • SVT, bass amplifier simulator.

  • DST

  • JTM 45, Marshall JTM 45 . amplifier simulator

  • Bassboy

  • Acoustic Amp

  • Tangerine, Orange amplifier simulator

  • SLO 100

  • Wapi, an amplifier simulator inspired by the JTM 45.

Guitar Effects

1. Distortion and Overdrive

  • OD808, Boss guitar effects simulator OD-3

  • Dr. Muff, Big Muff EHX guitar effects simulator

  • MetalHead

  • Overdrive, Ibanez TS808 guitar effects simulator

  • Full Blast

2. Reverb

  • Reverb

  • Roads (stereo reverb)

3. Delay & Echo

  • delay

  • Tape Delay

4. Modulation

  • Auto Wah, Boss AW-3 guitar effects simulator

  • Dizzi lobster (tremolo guitar effect)

  • Phase Shifter, Boss AW-3 guitar effects simulator

  • FlangumX, the MXR Flanger guitar effects simulator

  • Chorus (stereo chorus)

5. Equalizer

  • 5 Band Equalizer

6. Dynamics

  • Sustainer

  • Compressor

7. Pitch

  • Pitch Shifer

  • Octaver

8. Looper

  • Single Looper

That's how to make an Android cellphone as a guitar effect. For information, the method above can only be used on USB Guitar Link soundcard and others similar.

Whereas for iRig, the steps are different and the application used is Ampltube.

Hope it is useful!

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