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how to change whatsapp to iphone without app

How to turn WhatsApp into an iPhone without an application you can try easily and can show off! Check out the full tutorial here, OK!

How to change WhatsApp to iPhone without an application you can do easily. This way, you can feel the sensation of sending messages via WA on your iPhone.

You may also often be prestige when your friends have iPhone the latest, especially if you only have a limited budget and can't afford it.

Duh, even though there is a trick, you know! For those of you who want to display WA iPhone on Android phones without having to root or using complicated methods. Curious?

Well, Jaka will tell you how how to change WhatsApp Android theme to iPhone. Is it possible? Come on, listen first, gang!

How To Turn WhatsApp Android Into iPhone

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iPhone is indeed considered a smartphone that is different in class and has a high prestige value. That's why many people also crave to have this one smartphone.

But for those of you who can only afford to buy and use cheap Android phones, you don't need to feel inferior anymore. Because you can experience using iOS, one of which is through WhatsApp.

Later, you can use the WhatsApp iPhone display for Android. To be more clear, see the explanation below, come on!

1. Using Fouad Mod WhatsApp

Without the need for additional applications, Fouad Mod WhatsApp you can use it to send messages like using WhatsApp iOS, here!

Similar to the very popular GB WhatsApp, it's just that Fouad Mod WhatsApp provides a WhatsApp iPhone theme that you can install like the following steps!

1. Install Materials

  • The first time you can download Fouad Mod WhatsApp alias YoWhatsApp latest via the link below.
  • Besides that, you can also download script WhatsApp iPhone theme at the following link.
Yousef Social & Messaging Apps DOWNLOAD Apps Social & Messaging DOWNLOAD


2. Backup and Uninstall WhatsApp

  • Before starting to install Fouad Mod WhatsApp, you can first backup WhatsApp chats.
  • The method is not much different from how you want to move WhatsApp to a new cellphone, really!
  • Next, you stay uninstall WhatsApp that you previously used to make the next steps easier.

3. Install Fouad Mod WhatsApp

  • Next you stay install Fouad Mod WhatsApp which has been downloaded on your Android smartphone.
  • Perform WhatsApp login steps such as entering a phone number, verifying SMS and PIN to restoring WhatsApp backup.

4. Change WhatsApp Theme

  • If you have, then you will enter the WhatsApp Mod view from Fouad that you have installed.
  • To start changing the iOS theme, just tapthree dots icon in the upper right corner and select menu Fouad Mods.

5. Loading iPhone WhatsApp Display

  • Then on the YoSettings page, you just have to go back to the menu YoThemes.
  • Here you just load the theme that you downloaded earlier on the menu Load Theme.
  • Later, you will get a WhatsApp iPhone theme for Android after going through several processes after this, gang.

6. Install Theme Script

  • The next way to change the look of WA Android to iPhone is to go to the iPhone theme storage directory for WhatsApp which is usually located in the folder Downloads.
  • You stay here tap script name "Theme_WhatsApp_Iphone.xml" and wait a few moments for the theme to change.

Finished! Later, this is roughly the result of the WhatsApp/WA iPhone theme used in the Fouad Mod WhatsApp application. Cool, right?

7. Change WhatsApp Theme Successfully!

  • In addition, this is roughly what the chat menu looks like using Fouad Mod WhatsApp with an iPhone-style display.
  • You can also beautify by using a row of the best Android keyboard applications that you can customize yourself, gang.

2. Using RA WhatsApp

Apart from Fouad Mod WhatsApp, there are other MODs that you can use as an alternative way to change the WhatsApp theme to an iPhone without an application.

This WhatsApp MOD APK is named RA WhatsApp which went viral some time ago because it has a WA iOS theme complete with light and dark versions.

Then, how to change regular WhatsApp to WhatsApp iPhone without an application? To be more clear, see the steps below!

1. Install Materials

  • Download RA WhatsApp and the WhatsApp iOS theme on the link that Jaka has listed below.
Apps Social & Messaging DOWNLOAD

Download the bright WhatsApp theme.

Download dark WhatsApp theme.

2. Uninstall WhatsApp

  • Then, uninstall WhatsApp that you previously used. But, make sure you first backup WhatsApp chat, gang.

3. Install RA WhatsApp

  • Next, you can directly extract the WhatsApp iOS theme. After that, install RA WhatsApp.
  • Next, open the app and click Agree and Continue. Login by entering the WhatsApp number that you will use. Click Carry on and enter the verification number.

4. Choose WhatsApp Theme

  • After logging in, you will see the latest features of RA WhatsApp MOD iOS V8.45 and others. Click Arrangement, then click Theme.
  • Next, select Load Theme and look for the location where the WhatsApp iOS theme is stored. Choose which iOS theme you will install, whether light or dark.

7. Done

  • OK, okay! This is what the WhatsApp iPhone theme looks like on an Android phone. Very easy, right?

Video: How to Open 2 WhatsApp Accounts in 1 Android Phone and vice versa!

That is how it is how to turn WhatsApp into iPhone without app armed with 2 of the best and most popular WhatsApp MODs today, gang.

Have other tips and tricks about WhatsApp? Come on share in the comments column below gang. See you in the next Jaka article!

Good luck and good luck!

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