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how to get 1200 gems for free in clash royale

This time Jaka wants to share a trick to get free gems in clash royale. Gems are useful for buying certain coins and chests so that our troops level up..

Supercell has just released its newest game named Clash Royale. Unlike its old successor, Clash of Clans. Clash Royale is a game that is more towards PvP(Players vs Players), where we are more challenged to do battle real-time with the opponent.

Uniquely, Clash Royale uses the characters in Clash of Clans to sell this game faster, not only that, users can also easily adapt to Clash Royale because they already know about Clash Royale. behavior from each Troop.

How to Get Free Gems in Clash Royale

What are the advantages of using Gems? By using Gems, we can level up faster, we can even buy the best cards at Clash Royale, as Prince or Baby Dragon.

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OK, for those of you who want to get free Gems in Clash Royale for free and without spending a penny, please follow the following guide.

To make it easy, the guide is divided into 4 stages, namely:

  1. First Stage: Installing WHAFF, How to Get Dollars from Android
  2. Step Two: Create and Configure Google Wallet with Gmail Account
  3. Third Stage: Withdrawing Dollars from WHAFF
  4. Fourth Stage: Implementing Redeem Code into Google Wallet

(If you already understand and have a balance in WHAFF, you can immediately jump to the second stage.)

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  1. Download and install WHAFF on your Android Smartphone.

    (WHAFF doesn't work on Emulators like BlueStacks or Genymotion.) Apps Productivity WHAFF DOWNLOAD

  2. Run the WHAFF application, then Log in using your Facebook account.

  3. As a first bonus, you can get $0.30 by entering the code AE78397.

  4. The point of this WHAFF is, you have to install and try the applications in it, for example applications Babe, you have to install and if you want to earn extra dollars you have to use it for a few minutes a day. So, if I don't open the app, I don't get any money, right? Of course you can, but only $0,01, whereas if you open the application and play it for a few minutes, you can get $0.20 - $0.50 (approximately IDR 6,000,-/app)

    NOTES: You must do this at least until your balance reaches at least $10.

SECOND STAGE: Configure Google Wallet

Google Wallet is Google's official payment instrument, so if we want to transact through Google services, we have to use Google Wallet services.

Google Wallet It is also the official payment tool for all application or game products on the Google Play Store, such as Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, Piano Tiles 2, Hay Day, and LINE Let's Get Rich.

Well, specifically for the method that we are discussing this one is how to use Redeem Code which we will get from whaff. However, the Redeem Code can only be used in the United States.

Now I want to tell you how to change our country in Google Wallet to US (United States). NOTES: All risks are borne by each, a country that has been changed will not be able to be changed again in a fast time.

  1. Login used to be in Google Wallet using your Google account.

  2. After that, go to section Settings, click on the Home Address section, then equate the address to be like this or you can also use a valid address in America.

  3. If you have, click "Save". If there is further confirmation, click "Accept & Continue".

  4. So far, you have managed to arrange for Google Wallet can accept payments from whaff.

THIRD STAGE: Withdraw Dollars to Google Wallet

If your balance is more than $10, you can make a withdrawal to Google Play Gift Cards (Google Wallet) or PayPal.

  1. Open and run WHAFF, then swipe left, click on menu "Payouts".

  2. Next, select "Google Play Gift Cards" as a method of taking dollars.

  3. You choose the amount balance which you want to take. For example JalanTikus wants to withdraw $10 into Google Play Gift Cards StreetRat. If so, click the button Request.

  4. Then, wait for about 1 - 3 hours, it could even be a day or more to get a reply in the form of Redeem Code. You can see it in the Reward History> Check Gift Codes.

FOURTH STAGE: Implementation of the Redeem Code

Next is to apply the Redeem Code that we have got into our Google Play Store.

  1. Open your Google Play Store, if you can use the latest version.

    Apps Downloader & Internet Google Inc. DOWNLOAD
  2. Click Menu, then select Redeem.

  3. After that, enter Redeem Code which we already got.

  4. If successful, a notification like this will appear.

Purchasing Gems in Clash Royale

  1. Open and run Clash Royale:

    Supercell Strategy Games DOWNLOAD
  2. Enter the Shop, then select Gems whose price is roughly the same as Wallet Balance you.

  3. Succeed! Now you have got Gems without spending a dime.

That's how to get free gems in clash royale, use it wisely, guys.

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