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5 best online dollar buying and selling applications on android

For those of you who like to invest in foreign currencies or currencies, especially Dollars, then you need to use 5 Dollar buying and selling applications that you can use at the same time to monitor the Rupiah exchange rate against the Dollar.

In the past week, our country has been shocked by the weakening of the Rupiah against the US dollar, which is the currency of the United States. In fact, the value of Rupiah per US$ 1 is said to have almost touched Rp. 15,000!

Do not miss. This time Jaka will tell you five apps which can help you monitor Dollar value development.

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5 Best Online Dollar Buying Applications on Android

Those of you who like to invest in foreign exchange (forex) aka foreign currencies, of course, don't miss out on exchanging Rupiah and Dollars. For that, you will need the help of a foreign exchange rate monitoring application (including Dollars) which you can also use as a Dollar buying and selling application.


1. Currency Converter

The first application is Currency Converter. This application, which has more than 80 currencies from various countries, is not just an application to find out exchange rates, but you can also use it to monitor foreign exchange movements over a certain period of time, to track using a currency portfolio, to the latest currency information every day.

Light and easy to useOffline mode is not perfect
Many additional featuresSome currencies are not always updates
Apps Productivity OANDA Corporation DOWNLOAD

2. IDKurs

The next app is IDKurs. You can use this application to monitor and find out information on the Rupiah exchange rate against other currencies online real-time from various banks in Indonesia, call it Bank Mandiri, BCA or BNI. In addition, this application will also give you recommendations for the best ratio for when you should buy or sell Dollars and other foreign currencies.

Complete rates from Indonesian banksNo portfolio tracking feature
Best Rates recommendation feature-
Apps Productivity Pillar Network DOWNLOAD

3. Exchange Rates - Currency

Almost similar to the previous two applications, Exchange Rates - Currency also provides services for its users to convert currency. The difference is that there are several small features added to this application such as a calculator, auto synchronization and exchange rate charts that can be used offline.

Complete currency conversionWithout daily information about forex
Many supporting features-

Download: Exchange Rates - Currency

4. Dollar Indonesian Rupiah

This application is specifically for those of you who like to sell and buy Dollars with your Rupiah currency. Dollar Indonesian Rupiah will provide you with all information about the Rupiah exchange rate against the Dollar, value movements over a certain period of time, analysis and recommendations on when is the right time to buy or sell your Dollars.

Full featuresOnly focus on 1 foreign currency
Light and easy to useSometimes it appears bugs

Download: Indonesian Dollar Rupiah

5. Money Changer

The last application is Money Changer. Has the exact same function as money changer physical aka a money changer that you can find in malls or shopping centers, you can use this application to convert more than 160 foreign currencies. Amazingly, this application can perform conversions precisely in offline conditions.

Features are completeHeavy impression for smartphone low-end
On/Off Currency Update feature to save internet-

Download: Money Changer

That's five Android dollar buying and selling application which you can also use to monitor the exchange rate of the Rupiah against the Dollar. Now there's no reason for you to miss updates the value of our currency against other currencies and hopefully we can be more anticipatory with the possibility of large exchange rate movements like what has happened recently. Agree?

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