difference between internet banking and mobile banking

Often considered the same, in fact internet banking and mobile banking are two different things, you know. Come on, find out what the difference between the two is in the full article below!

Have you ever wanted to check your account information or make a transaction but was too lazy to go to an ATM?

As technology advances, you can now process transactions or check balances without having to directly visit the nearest ATM machine, gang.

That's thanks to the presence of useful features such as Internet banking neither mobile banking that can meet your banking needs only with an Android or iOS cellphone.

But you don't know what it's really about difference between internet banking and mobile banking, gang? Come on, just find out the answer in the full article below.

Difference between Mobile and Internet Banking

Both are run through the help of a smartphone and rely on an internet connection, mobile banking and internet banking are often considered the same by many people.

In fact, the two banking service features are very different, you know, gang.

Well, for those of you who are curious about the difference between the two, here is a full explanation of the two banking service features.

Mobile Banking

Not only need HP and internet, mobile banking also needs help third party apps to process transactions or check account information, gang.

However, to be able to use the mobile banking application on a smartphone, you must first register for m-banking using the SIM-card number used.

In addition to internet quota, some banks still charge fees pulse fee (for SMS Notifications) to its customers when making transactions using mobile banking services, gang.

Internet banking

If in mobile banking you have to download a third-party application first to be able to start making transactions, that doesn't apply to internet banking, you know.

As the name implies, internet banking only requires Internet connection smooth way to conduct banking transactions without the need for third-party applications or credit fees, gang.

In addition, if mobile banking services can only be accessed via cellphone, in internet banking you can use various types of gadgets such as laptops, tablets, or cellphones so that it will be easier for users.

The next difference is that internet banking requires tools token which serves to authenticate banking transactions such as transfers, purchases, and payments.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Banking

Behind some of the features offered by mobile banking, of course there are advantages and disadvantages that you will find from the service, gang.

The following are the advantages and disadvantages of mobile banking service features.

Advantages of Mobile Banking

There are several advantages offered when you do banking transactions using mobile banking, gang.

Some of these advantages are as Jaka will explain below.

1. More Practical

The first advantage that you can feel when using mobile banking is the practicality it offers, gang.

You see, to make a transaction you only need to open the mobile banking application on your cellphone and all the features are fully available in it.

2. No need to buy tokens

If in internet banking you need to buy additional tools in the form of tokens to authenticate, then in mobile banking this is not needed, gang.

You only need a PIN to enter the application and you can immediately make banking transactions.

Disadvantages of Mobile Banking

Not only the advantages offered by the mobile banking service feature, but there are also some disadvantages that ApkVenue will discuss below.

1. Some Banks Charge Credit Fees

In contrast to internet banking, which only requires an internet connection, in mobile banking there are still some banks that charge credit fees for SMS notifications to their customers.

This of course will hamper your transaction process, especially if you are in a hurry, gang.

2. Vulnerable to Virus and Hacker Attacks

One of the drawbacks of mobile banking services, which is also the most risky for its users, is that it is vulnerable to hacker attacks and viruses, gangs.

There is a risk where your cellphone is infected with a virus and it is very possible for hackers to steal your banking information via mobile banking applications.

Therefore, you must remain careful and vigilant, gang. If possible, do not use public WiFi networks while accessing mobile banking.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet Banking

Similar to mobile banking, internet banking also has several advantages and disadvantages for its users.

Read more!

Advantages of Internet Banking

Here are some of the advantages of internet banking services that you can enjoy, gang.

1. Can be accessed anytime and anywhere

One of the most prominent advantages of internet banking is that it provides convenience for users to access internet banking from various types of gadgets anytime and anywhere.

But, of course you must have an internet network that is connected to be able to process transactions, gang.

2. No Toll Fee

Because everything is done by relying on an internet connection, the use of this internet banking service will be free from credit fees, unlike SMS banking or mobile banking.

So even if you don't have credit, as long as you're connected to the internet, you can still make internet banking transactions.

3. Layered Protection System

The next advantage of internet banking is its layered protection system, gang.

This is because the use of tokens as an authentication tool when you want to make transfers, payments, purchases, and other banking transactions using internet banking.

Disadvantages of Internet Banking

In addition to the advantages, here are some disadvantages of internet banking.

1. Vulnerable to Data Theft

Although it has a layered protection system, internet banking also has a vulnerability to data theft by hackers, gangs.

Data theft in internet banking is usually done through phishing which is difficult for the general public to recognize.

Mobile Banking Service Features

Some of the features that are generally offered by a number of mobile banking services are as follows:

1. Fund Transfer

Fund transfer in mobile banking services allows you to transfer between accounts and between banks, gang.

However, for inter-bank transactions you will be charged an administration fee of different amounts.

2. Payment

Through mobile banking, you can also make payments such as water bills, electricity, cable TV, credit cards, and others.

This makes it very easy for you to no longer need to go to the related branch office to make monthly payments.

3. Checking Balances and Movements

For those of you who are curious about the balance in your savings account, using mobile banking this can be done easily, you know.

In addition, you can also check balances and mutations for various accounts such as savings, deposits, credit cards, and others.

With this feature, you can know the details of the money that goes out and into your account.

4. Check the Latest Exchange Rates and Interest Rates

Another feature that is also offered by the mobile banking service is that it allows you to check foreign exchange rates and the latest interest rate information, gang.

Internet Banking Service Features

Some of the features generally offered by a number of internet banking services are as follows:

1. Fund Transfer

Through internet banking services, you can transfer funds between accounts, between domestic banks, and a list of scheduled transfers.

2. Payment

For payment service features, you can pay various bills such as home internet, cable TV, credit cards, installments, water, and others.

3. Balance Information

Internet banking also has a feature that allows you to check account balance information such as savings, GIRO or deposits, as well as checking account mutations and credit card transactions.

4. Purchase

Not only payments, you can also buy several digital products such as credit or shares, gang.

Well, that's the difference between mobile banking and internet banking, gang. So, don't assume that the two service features are the same again, okay!

Hopefully the information from Jaka will be useful this time, gang!

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