how to use the most powerful get contact application

Upset with spam calls & SMS? Well, this time, ApkVenue discusses how to use Get Contact to find out other people's contact names effectively.

How to use Get Contact actually not too difficult to do, especially considering the function is so great. Definitely makes you willing to learn to operate it, deh!

Yep! Get Contact application lately is very boom because it offers many interesting features, including one for those of you who are wondering how to find out the name of our contact on someone else's cellphone.

Moreover, to enjoy this feature, you don't have to bother tapping other people's cellphones, which is very risky, gang. Very cool, right?

Then, how how to use the Get Contact app and what is its real function, anyway? For a full review, let's read below, gang.

What is the function of the Get Contact application?

Photo source: Get Contact application function.

Ever crowded Instagram Stories with people sharing hashtags their contact names stored on other people's cellphones.

It's not surprising that the Get Contact application is promoted by some influencer in the country suddenly rose and entered the list of top applications on Google Play at that time.

Well, have you ever asked, what is it really? Get Contact app function?

Reporting from the official Get Contact website, there are several features provided in this latest Android application, including:

  • Security and protection to the call spam and also indicated as fraud.
  • Caller identification to be able to find out identities and unknown phone numbers instantly.
  • Verify the phone number by using #tag fitur feature alias hashtags for your contact list.
  • User data privacy and security which can be customized by the user.
  • Multiplatform aliases can be used across a variety of services, such as Android, iOS, and Windows.

When viewed from the number of features provided, the Get Contact application has functions such as: Truecaller in identifying and blocking spam and fraudulent numbers.

However, the #tag or . feature hashtags the most interesting and much sought after to find out WA contact names on other people's cellphones, gang. Unique too, huh?

Download Get Contact

With a variety of interesting features on offer, it is not surprising that this application is in great demand by users.

So, how is it? Can't wait to download the Get Contact application on your cellphone? Get Contact itself you can download and use for free or free.

However, to use certain features that are more complete, unfortunately you have to subscribe to a premium account first which is priced from $2.99 per month.

But, if you use it just to find out the name of your contact on someone else's cellphone, you can immediately Download the latest Get Contact via the link below.

Download the latest Get Contact via the Play Store.

Apps Social & Messaging Getverify LDA DOWNLOAD

How to Use the Get Contact Application

The Getcontact application allows you to find out your name on other people's cellphones, as well as find out the names of unknown numbers that enter your calls.

Then how do you use the Get Contact application to find out your contact name on someone else's cellphone?

The method is also very easy for you to do. Enough install, register, and follow some easy steps as below, gang.

Step 1 - Download & Install Get Contact App

  • Download and install the Get Contact APK application on your cellphone.

Step 2 - Open Get Contact App

  • Open the Get Contact application that has been installed.install.
  • Tap the button Agree & Continue then Start Now on the information page of the features offered.
Photo source: Get Contact app initial screen after installation.

Step 3 - Register/Login GetContact Account

  • Register or login using a Google or Facebook account.
  • Wait until the options appear Skip and tap the option.
Photo source: GetContact signup or login process.

Step 4 - Verify Mobile Number for GetContact

  • Tap the button Quick Login via WhatsApp.
  • Send an existing message format in the WahtsApp chat field.
Photo source: GetContact login verification via WhatsApp.

Step 5 - How To Use Getcontact To View Your Contact Names

  • Tap the icon X on the premium account subscription window that appears.
  • Open menu Other and tap on the number that appears next to your GetContact profile.
Photo source: How to find out the name of our contact on someone's cellphone via Get Contact.

Step 6 - How To Use Get Contact To View Other People's Contact Names

  • Tap the icon Contact on the main page of the GetContact app and grant access permissions.
  • Go back to the GetContact app and press Show More in section 'Who's here?'.
  • Select a contact that you want to see.
Photo source: How to use Get Contact to see other people's contact names.


In addition to platform Android, for you users of iOS-based devices, you can get the Get Contact application through the App Store, you know.

Well, if it turns out that the steps above are still not effective in finding the owner of the number you are looking for, you can follow the tutorial that ApkVenue has discussed in the following article:


How to Remove Tags in GetContact

Is there a GetContact tag that you find too embarrassing for other people to see? Luckily, you can choose and delete any tags that you don't think are appropriate.

How to remove tags on GetContact is also very easy and you don't need a premium account subscription to do it. Curious?

  1. Log in to your GetContact profile.

  2. Find and specify which tags you want to remove.

  3. Swipe left on tags until a red trash can icon appears and the Report page appears.

  4. Select the reason you want to delete the tag, then press the button Report.

How to Delete Get Contact Account

This application does offer security and privacy for its users by identifying the phone number that calls you. But not a few users are even turning to doubt the security of Get Contact itself.

As a result, deleting the Get Contact account became an option that some people finally chose.

Well, if you intend to delete GetContact account, ApkVenue has discussed it in a separate article which you can read via the following link:


Is the Get Contact Application Dangerous?

Surely many of you are still curious and wondering Is the Get Contact application dangerous?, right?

It's natural! Given that Get Contact does offer information that is quite personal, so the security of its privacy is questionable.

However, according to Alfons Tanujaya who is a cybersecurity expert at Tiketcom explained that Get Contact application is classified as safe to use and very helpful in identifying spammer caller.

In addition, Getcontact is also a data app crowd sourcing where the system works by utilizing big data from the user to track the phone number and identity of the owner.

Meanwhile, regarding permission to access the user's contact list, SMS, storage, and microphone, according to him, this is done for make phone number lookup even better.

This also applies to applications other than Get Contact that offer similar functions, including Truecaller, the gang.

Apps Other Than GetContact

Despite being one of the most popular, the number tracking application is actually not just GetContact, you know!

There are many other apps that also offer similar functionality that you can use. Well, if you are not sure about this one application, here is a list of alternative applications besides GetContact.

1. Truecaller

Surely you are already familiar with this one application? Yep! Apart from GetContact, Truecaller has also become an application to track other numbers that are quite popular.

This application provides security features that are quite diverse. Starting from seeing the identity of the number that called you, blocking calls and SMS from numbers detected as spam, fraud, and many others.

Truecaller itself is already used in many countries around the world, because it is one of the most accurate and has more than 5 billion numbers registered in their database.

Apps Productivity True Software Scandinavia AB DOWNLOAD

2. Caller ID & Call Blocker Free

Next there is an application Caller ID & Call Blocker Free which is claimed to be the best number tracker and block app.

As the name implies, this application works by identifying the caller's number and will block if it is recognized as a spam number or anything that enters their database.

Interestingly, much like a location tracking application, Caller ID also seems to have features Location Tracker which allows you to find out the location of the caller's number.

There are also features Fake Call which you can use to prank your friends or loved ones.

Download Caller ID & Call Blocker Free.

3. Hiya

The next GetContact-like application is Hiya which will automatically identify and block spam phone numbers from calling you.

Actually, there is not much difference between Hiya and the two previous number tracking applications. It's just that Hiya is equipped with features Virus Protection & Phone Security which will protect your data and privacy.

Appearance User Interfaceits simple and easy to use, maybe it can be another alternative for you to use.

Apps Utilities Hiya DOWNLOAD

Well, that's an easy way to find out your WA contact name on someone else's cellphone by using the Get Contact application.

In addition to this feature, you can also take advantage of other features from Get Contact to prevent fraud and scam, gang.

But, please also note that to use all of its features you must first subscribe to premium. Because for now Jaka has not found a way to get a free premium Get Contact that is safe.

What do you think? Come on, share it in the comments column below!

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