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how to buy games on steam without a credit card

This is the very easy way to buy games on Steam! You can buy using OVO, or without a credit card. Check it out here and don't miss the discount!

It's really easy to buy games on Steam. There are hundreds of the best and popular Steam games from various genres and developers waiting for you on this one platform.

In addition, Steam is also known to hold big discounts every year, so you can buy your favorite games at low prices.

Well, if you want to buy a Steam game that's being heavily discounted, but don't have a credit card, don't worry, gang. Jaka has prepared a tutorial on how to buy games on Steam without a credit card, which is a very easy process.

Curious? Keep on reading Jaka's article on this one, gang.

How to Buy Games on Steam Without a Credit Card

Before buying a game, you need to buy a balance Steam Wallet first.

Jaka will explain several ways you can buy Steam Wallet without the need to use a credit card.

This method is the most common way for people who want to buy Steam games easily.

You only need your Steam account and an account e-commerce like Tokopedia.

For the complete method, go ahead, here's how to buy games on Steam without a credit card.

1. Buy Vouchers Steam Wallet

To buy vouchers Steam Wallet, you can first download the Tokopedia application on link which ApkVenue has provided below. You can too download directly on Google Play Store.

Apps Productivity Tokopedia DOWNLOAD
  1. Open the Tokopedia application, search for options All Categories.
  1. Scroll scroll down until you find the Entertainment category, then click the icon Game Vouchers to purchase a Steam Wallet.
  1. Select Steam Wallet IDR according to the nominal you want. Click Button Buy.
  1. If you have activated the feature Two-Factor Authentication, then you will be asked to enter the code you received via SMS to confirm your Steam Wallet purchase.

  2. Enter on the next page to do checkout order. You can check whether your order is correct, then click Carry on.

  1. Choose your preferred payment method. You can use OVO balance if there is, or you can also go through ATM transfer and Virtual Account.
  1. You will get a notification when you have made a successful purchase. Click Transaction Details to get the Steam Wallet code.

  2. Note the Steam Wallet PIN that you have bought in the column Voucher Code.

  1. Safe! You have successfully purchased vouchers Steam Wallet.

Especially for how to buy games on Steam, you can also apply it as a way to buy Steam Wallet on Shopee or the platform e-commerce other, yes.

Well, if you already have a Steam Wallet, then you can follow how to buy games on Steam with the following Steam Wallet.

2. How to Buy Games on Steam with Steam Wallet

The Steam Wallet that you buy will not be automatically credited to your Steam balance. You have to do redeem Steam Wallet in Steam account first.

For how to buy games on Steam without using a credit card, follow the next steps, gang.

  1. Open the Steam app or the Steam website. To make it easier, ApkVenue advises you to download Steam app on the Google Play Store.
Apps Productivity Valve Corporation DOWNLOAD
  1. On the main menu, select Menu at the top left of your smartphone screen.

  2. Click button Store to bring up drop-down menu. Then, you click Account Details to go to the next page.

  1. On the Account Details page, select the button Add funds to your Steam Wallet

5.Select Redeem a Steam Gift Card or Wallet Code to enter code vouchers The Steam Wallet that you previously purchased at Tokopedia.

  1. Enter the code you got, then click Continue.
  1. Finished! Vouchers The Steam Wallet that you purchased at Tokopedia previously has now been successfully added to your Steam balance.

3. How to Buy Games on Steam After Redeem Code

After buying a Steam Wallet voucher at Tokopedia and putting it into your Steam account, it's time to shop, gang!

  1. Go to your Steam main menu.

  2. Select the game you want to buy, then click the game to open the page.

  1. choose Add to Cart to add the game to the cart.

  2. On the menu Shopping Cart, choose Purchase for Myself to buy the game and include it in Game Library your Steam account.

  3. Select the payment method you want. Because you already bought vouchers Previous Steam Wallet, select method My Steam Wallet, then select Continue.

  4. Before buying, make sure your Steam Wallet balance is sufficient. If you have enough balance, you can buy the game you bought download from the Steam Library on your computer.

That's Jaka's article on how to buy games on Steam. You can follow how to buy games on Steam with OVO via e-commerce to fill up the Steam Wallet, then shop as much as you want on Steam. The steps are very easy and the process is also fast, really!

Hopefully this article helps those of you who are having trouble, gang. See you in the next Jaka article!

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