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Confused where to watch anime? Try downloading this AnimeIndo APK application, the collection is guaranteed to be complete!

Again #just at home but confused what to do? Try watching anime. Confused where to watch anime? Calm down, Jaka has a solution!

There are lots of sites and applications that allow you to watch anime for free, both old school and modern anime on going.

But this time, ApkVenue wants to recommend you an application called AnimeIndo APK! Why does ApkVenue suggest this application? Come on, check out the full review!

AnimeIndo APK 2020

Believe it or not, app AnimeIndo It's available on the Play Store, gang! You can download the application for free and quickly because of its small size.

Even so, the warehouse collection of anime from this application deserves thumbs up. Jaka will review more deeply the features of this application. Anything?

Full Features of AnimeIndo

ApkVenue has tried this application and it turns out that there are many interesting features that you can use to enjoy the best anime available.

Below, ApkVenue tries to review the excellent features of the AnimeIndo application!

1. Complete Anime Collection

AnimeIndo application has very complete anime collection, both currently broadcast and finished.

On the menu Home, you will be able to see a list of anime whose episodes just came out. So, you won't miss your favorite anime, gang!

In addition, in Home you can also see a list of anime currently on going, anime action the best, to the best anime baper. This list of recommendations can change at any time, yes.

2. All Genres Available

If you are the type of person who likes to find new anime based on genre, this AnimeIndo application is perfect for you.

Why? Because almost all genres are in this app. Just say it action, adventure, comedy, drama, family, harem, romance, until the illegal anime genre exists.

When you select one of the available genres, a list of anime that has that genre tag will appear.

3. Neat Anime Schedule.

Usually the anime that's on on going will have a show schedule once a week. The days also vary, from Monday to Sunday.

Well, through this AnimeIndo application, you can watch anime according to his daily schedule. That way, you won't miss the latest episode of your favorite anime.

In addition to the schedule by day. there is also an anime that is Random Update. Usually because the latest episode is delayed. You can check it on the right yourself.

4. Popular Anime

So as not to miss the story from popular anime, you should know that anime is popular.

AnimeIndo has a feature that shows what anime is currently popular, starting from One Piece, Boruto, until Boku no Hero Academia.

If there's something you want to watch, all you have to do is choose an anime title and browse through the episodes. Easy, right?

5. Latest News About Anime

Not only does it present the latest episodes of your favorite anime, the AnimeIndo application also has news features, gang!

Certainly not national or political news, but news about the world of anime that is a pity to miss.

Moreover, the news available is in Indonesian, so you won't have a language barrier.

6. Search, Favorite, and History features

AnimeIndo also has some standard features that almost all similar apps have. Examples are features Search to make it easier for us to find the desired anime.

There are also features Favorite which will feature our favorite anime. The way to add it is by opening the desired anime, then pressing the heart icon in it.

This application also has features History to find out what anime you just watched. Great, right?

7. Stream or Download

When you are going to watch your favorite anime, there are two options to enjoy it: streaming or download.

Every time you press the button play on the desired episode, a menu will appear pop-up which you can choose.

If your quota is abundant, ApkVenue advises you to download just so you can watch it offline. If not, it's okay streaming just.

Download AnimeIndo

After knowing the features of this application, you can't wait to download this application, right?

Don't worry, ApkVenue has prepared the APK file. You can download directly via the link below:

Apps Entertainment DOWNLOAD

The file you downloaded above has the format XAPK. That is, you can't just install it right away on your Android phone.

In order to be installed, you need to download an additional application called XAPK Installer. You can download the application for free below:

Apps Productivity Apkpure DOWNLOAD

How to use it, open the XAPK Installer application that you have installed. Then, find the AnimeIndo application file, press Install. Later, the application will be installed automatically.

DeveloperOnerico Development
Minimal OSAndroid 5.0 and above
Ratings (Google Play)3.6/5.0

BONUS: Other Anime Watch Apps

AnimeIndo APK 2020 is not the only free anime watching application with subtitles Indonesia. There are still many other applications that you can use.

You can look for it via the article link that Jaka has prepared below!


That was just a little thing about AnimeIndo APK 2020 aplikasi what you should know. You can directly download the application and watch your favorite anime.

What do you think is the best anime that you will watch using the AnimeIndo application? Write in the comments column, yes!

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