10 hacking software to perform ddos ​​attacks

Before becoming a professional hacker, let's learn to be a hacker by doing DDoS attacks! It's easy, by using the following DDoD attack software!

Remember the popularity of Pokemon GO? This game that uses Augmented Reality technology could not be used because down presumed consequence DDoS attack.

What is this DDoS attack? How can you make a game as big as Pokemon GO? down? Not only will I explain about DDoS, JalanTikus will give you a list software or tools commonly used hacker to carry out a DDoS attack.

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What is DDoS?

Let's make an example first. What would happen if a place with a capacity of only 100 people suddenly filled with 1000 people? People find it difficult to get in or out, and even all normal activities can't be done inside the place. That's how DDoS or DDoS attacks are attack work.

DDoS Attack stands for Distributed-Denial-of-Service Attack which is an attempt to cripple computer resources by thousands of 'zombies' attackers so that they can't be used. The negative purpose is clear so that the website or service on line it can't work efficiently even temporarily or worse it could be forever.

Software Often Used to Perform DDoS Attacks

When talking about DDoS, hacker Professionals generally use special methods with script complicated. However, there are some software which can be used to carry out DDoS attacks easily and effectively.


You could say if LOIC (Low Orbit Ion Cannon) is software most popularly used to perform DoS. Software Windows-based is effective for sending a large number of ICMP or UDP packets to the target.

LOIC has been tested to be used by 4chan in attack Project Chanology against the Church of Scientology website in 2009. In addition, LOIC is also used by Anonymous in Operation Payback against PayPal, Visa, and MasterCard for cutting off the flow of donations to Wikileaks.

If interested, LOIC can be obtained via SourceForge through LOIC download link.


HOIC (High Orbit Ion Canon) jointly developed by Praetox (LOIC co-developer) in Operation Payback. The difference is, HOIC floods HTTP with random requests HTTP GET and POST. Uniquely, HOIC can be used to carry out 256 . DoS attacks domain together.

Software This DDoS attack is available on SourceForge at HOIC download link.


No, it's not the big green HULK in The Avengers, but this is HTTP Unbearable Load King. This software will create a server confused so that it will reduce its ability to overcome DDoS attacks.

4. UDP Flooder

If you hope to subvert something domain easily, then just use it UDP Flooder. Software it works by flooding the target with UDP. Well, most of those who use UDP are online games. So, UDP Flooder is very effective to subvert games on line.

Download UDP Flooder on SourceForge.


RUDY (R-U-Dead-Yet) is software DDoS attacks that work in a unique way. So run software In this case you will be faced with the choice to overwhelm the target with request POST.

Download RUDY (R-U-Dead-Yeat) from Hybrid Security.

6. ToR's Hammer

No, this is not Thor's hammer. But ToR's Hammer is software DDoS attackers work through ToR networks to disguise attacks and also limit the mitigation process. The risk of using the ToR path is the slowness of the existing network, but this method is quite effective.

Download ToR's Hammer from SourceForge.

7. Pyloris

If you have little knowledge in the field coding, maybe you will be interested in Pyloris. Software for DDoS attacks it lets you build your own structures request headers the HTML. later software this will work to keep TCP lines open for as long as possible to drain server bandwidth. While this is happening, there is no protocol that would allow other users to log in.

Interested in using it? Download Pyloris from SourceForge.

8. OWASP Switchblade

Software development result Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) and ProactiveRISK it was created to test the resilience of applications or web from DDoS attacks. There is something unique, the OWASP Switchblade is available in 3 models, namely Half-Open SSL, HTTP Post and Slowloris which can be selected as needed.

Download OWASP Switchblade.


DAVOSET (DDoS Attacks via Other Sites Execution Tool) is a DDoS attack tool that uses a system zombies to distribute attacks across multiple systems. Software it works by using vulnerabilities Abuse of Functionality and XML External Entities on a site and then change it to zombies which can attack our target.

Download DAVOSET from Storm Pack.

10. DDOSIM - Layer 7 DDoS Simulator

By exploiting random IP addresses, DDOSIM will simulate an attack by establishing a full TCP connection (SYN-SYN/ACK-ACK). Software It is also capable of simulating DDoS attacks against server SMTP and flooding TCP automatically random.

Download DDOSIM.

So, now you can try using software above to test the strength of your website against DDoS attacks. Or you can also use the tools above for fun trying to lower domain bandwidth others.

Disclaimer: JalanTikus only provides a list software The above is for educational purposes, without any tendency to make you do evil to others. All risks of use and consequences of downloading software related at your own expense.

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