this is the best iphone launcher on android that you need to know

If you want to have an iOS look on your Android smartphone, download one of the launchers listed below!

Charm iPhone For smartphone users, it is quite a concern for many users. No exception for Android users. You must also feel sometimes bored if you look at the smartphone interface, that's all.

Are you tempted to make the interface on Android resembles the iPhone? Try some launcher The best iPhone on Android to make your cellphone look more attractive.

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Try This Iphone Launcher For Your Android

Do you want to your Android looks like an iPhone? Now thanks to the ability open source on Android, you can adjust the appearance of the Android interface to resemble an iPhone. try some of the best iPhone launchers on Android This is to make the interface more attractive.

1. CleanUI

Through this launcher, you will get a comfortable, clean look, and you will get various effects that are very similar with iOS. It's just that, in this launcher, the icons on Android cannot have a high resemblance to the iPhone.

However, if you use this launcher, automatically there are several features such as control center, notification, alphabet list apps, and some contacts that will change as on the iPhone.

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2. Nova Launcher + TrueiOS

This launcher allows you to personalize the appearance of widgets, icons, gestures to their effects. You can find this launcher on the Google Play Store for free free aka free. Usually something labeled free or free is very tempting. Especially for the launcher that will be beautify the look your android.

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3. 6 Plus iOS Launcher

If you want to get a nice interface, resembling iPhone 6, then choose this launcher. This 6 Plus iOS launcher can make your Android phone look beautiful very interesting. Are you tempted to have a launcher like this?

Don't worry, you can get it very easily. Try opening the app Google Play Store on your cellphone. Then, you can download this launcher for free.

However, there is a shortage from this one launcher. If you install this launcher, your Android phone will full of advertisements scattered.

4. iLauncher

Do you want to get a cool and clean launcher? Choose iLauncher. Through this launcher, you can mobilize easily, quickly and lightly. So, installing this launcher will not make your Android be slow. Your Android phone will be able to look beautiful without causing loading slow alias slow. Isn't this very profitable?

5. OS10 Launcher for Phone 7

This launcher is very easy for you to use. Your Android Performance will not be disturbed with the installation of this launcher. In addition, in this application you will get a very complete view like on iPhone. Very interesting, right?

6. iLauncher OS 9

Through this launcher, you can do adventure by making buzz application by pressing the icon on the screen. Isn't this very interesting? However, when you install this launcher, you will not get 3D Touch features.

7. Pro 8 Launcher

You will get features wallpapers very cool transparent. In addition, this wallpaper also has very high resolution. You can also take advantage of the screen lock feature with a pin lock. Through this launcher, you will get various views cool wallpapers this is free alias free. Wow, very profitable isn't it?

8. Launcher For iPhone 7

Usually installing additional applications or launchers does cause your Android phone to become more wasteful of battery. If you want to install a launcher that doesn't waste battery, then the solution is to install Launcher for iPhone 7 this. Installation of this launcher tends to be economical so that does not cause your Android battery to waste.

9. One Launcher

One Launcher is one of the iPhone launchers that is quite popular and ranks high on the Google Play Store. This launcher already has interface and icon which is very similar to the iPhone.

In addition, you can also move easily on the icons on the screen because this launcher is available swipe or swipe option. You can also activate single hand mode when you want to use Android just by one hand only.

That's some launcher on Android that can make your cellphone look similar to iPhone. Of course, none of these launchers is perfect. If you want perfect, it's better to just move to iOS, right?

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