how to buy pubg uc via credit, go-pay, etc, complete!

How to buy cheap PUBG UC can be done with various payment methods, one of which is via credit. Want to know how? Follow this tutorial!

How to buy UC PUBG can be done in several methods, ranging from Google Play voucher codes, ATM transfers, to via credit.

Currently, buying UC aka Unknown Cash on PUBG is indeed one way for you to enjoy gameplay more excitingly because it has many good skins.

Play PUBG Mobile it's not complete if you don't have skins and exclusive weapons! Is not it?

Now to make your appearance even cooler, of course you have to top up UC PUBG Mobile first, gang.

For those who don't understand, here Jaka will review how to buy UC PUBG cheap and safe, and can get lots of abundant bonuses, you know! Curious, right?

How to Top Up UC PUBG Mobile, the Easiest and Cheapest Way!

Well this time Jaka will explain how how to buy UC PUBG Mobile even without a credit card. Here you can pay using credit, minimarkets, ATM transfers and use Go-Pay balances.

Curious about the complete steps? Before starting the tutorial on how to top-up UC PUBG, ApkVenue will explain first what UC is for those of you who don't know yet!

What is Unknown Cash (UC) in PUBG Mobile?

Before discussing further, ApkVenue first explained what UC PUBG Mobile actually is. So Unknown Cash alias UC can be said to be a digital currency in the PUBG Mobile game.

Later, the UC PUBG Mobile that you already have can be used to buy premium items, starting from inventory until skin guns. Interesting, right?

By having abundant UC, of ​​course you can have all premium items and limited edition what you crave. Guaranteed to be a sultan, deh!


How to Buy UC PUBG via Official Site

For those of you who want to top-up UC PUBG Mobile, you can easily do it through the official website of this game, gang.

The method is also guaranteed to be very easy, you know! To be more clear, see the steps below, yes!

Step 1 - Go to Official Payment Site

  • First, you can open a browser application on your cellphone. Then, visit the official PUBG Mobile website to make payments in Indonesia.

  • Next, you just choose to log in using your character ID or log in using your Facebook account.

Step 2 - Enter PUBG Mobile Account ID

  • If you are confused about entering the character ID, you can find it on the page Basic Info in the Profile menu in the upper left corner of the screen.

  • Next you stay copy-paste ID below nickname Your PUBG Mobile.

Step 3 - Choose a Payment Method

  • If you have logged in, make sure the account information matches the account you have, gang!

  • Then, choose the payment method you want, either via credit, ATM transfer, and others.

  • For example, here Jaka chooses Go-Pay, so make sure you have a balance and top up like in the following steps: How to Top Up Go-Pay Easily!

Step 4 - Choose UC Nominal

  • Then, select the nominal you want to top up and tap knob Next.

  • If you have the Go-Jek application, you can pay directly with tap knob Continue to the GO-JEK application. If not, you can also display the QR Code.

Step 5 - Payment Verification

  • Finally, all you have to do is confirm the payment with tap knob Pay and automatically your Go-Pay balance will be deducted.

Step 6 - Done

  • Done! To determine whether the PUBG Mobile UC balance has been entered or not, you just have to open this battle royale game and check the top right corner.

How to Buy UC PUBG via Credit Through Games

In addition to going through the official website, you can also try to buy PUBG UC via credit through the game directly. So, you don't have to bother opening other applications or sites, gang.

Step 1 - Open Play Store App

  • If you have never previously activated a payment method via credit through games, you must follow these steps, gang.

  • Enter the app Google Play Store, click the menu in the upper left corner. Then select menu Payment Method.

  • After that, make sure the mobile operator you are using is installed so that you can top-up UC PUBG via credit, gang.

Step 2 - Open PUBG Mobile

  • Open the PUBG Mobile game on your cellphone. Make sure the account that is open is the account you want to top-up.

  • Then, press plus button (+) at the top right, right next to the UC number.

Step 3 - Select Amount of UC

  • Then, select amount of UC that you want to buy. You can also see the price in Dollars.

  • Press the amount of UC you want to buy, then you will see a notification pop-up from the Play Store to make a payment. You can immediately see the total that must be paid.

  • For how to buy UC PUBG via Telkomsel credit, Indonesia, and others, select the cellular operator option you use. Then, scan the fingerprint.

Step 4 - Done

  • Just wait a while and UC PUBG will automatically fill up, gang.

How to Buy UC PUBG Via Codashop

You can also buy UC PUBG through the cheapest and most trusted places to buy UC such as UniPin, Midasbuy, Itemku, to Codashop.

But, this time ApkVenue will review how to buy cheap PUBG UC through Codashop. Keep in mind, this method is not much different if you want to top-up elsewhere.

So that it doesn't linger, just take a look at the full tutorial in the explanation below, gang!

Step 1 - Visit Codashop Site

  • First, open the browser application on your cellphone or laptop. Then, visit the Codashop PUBG site at the URL "//".

  • Here, Jaka tried it through a laptop device. But, how to buy UC PUBG via Codashop via HP is not much different, really!

Step 2 - Choose UC Voucher

  • Next, you can choose the nominal UC voucher you want to buy. Codashop provides PUBG UC top-ups ranging from 60 UC to 8,100 UC.

Step 3 - Choose a Payment Method

  • At the bottom, you can see various payment methods that can be done. Choose what you want.
  • Unfortunately, you can't buy PUBG Mobile UC with Codashop credit because there is no credit cut option available.

Step 4 - Enter E-mail

  • Type your active email address to send the UC PUBG voucher code, gang. Then, click the button Buy now.

Step 5 - Enter Phone Number

  • Here, Jaka chooses the payment option via OVO. So, enter the OVO number, then press the button Carry on.

  • Make sure you have enough balance, OK! If not, you can top-up OVO first so you can continue the payment process.

  • The voucher code will be sent to the email you provided and you can use it immediately so that the PUBG UC increases according to the nominal you bought before.

In addition to the browser, you can also fill out UC PUBG through the Codashop application which you can get via the link below.

Apps Utilities DOWNLOAD

Well that's it how to buy UC PUBG via credit, Go-Pay, and others so you can open Premium Loot Crate and get premium items, gang.

The method that ApkVenue explained earlier can also be done directly from the game, or through trusted sites that can be accessed via PC or HP.

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