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Watch Habibie & Ainun 2 (2016)

Curious to watch the movie Habibie & Ainun 2 aka Rudy Habibie? You can watch it for free here, you know! (Full Movie)

Worked by a different director, film Rudy Habibie or what is known as Habibie & Ainun 2 is a prequel to the film Habibie & Ainun which aired in 2012.

Still played by Reza Rahadian, but in this prequel there are many other top stars who also enliven the story, gang.

For those of you who are curious about the film, it's better to read first, come on, the full synopsis is below.

Synopsis of Habibie & Ainun 2

If in the previous film series it focused more on the love story between Habibie and Ainun, in the Habibie & Ainun 2 film, it is more about the character Rudy Habibie (Reza Rahadian) while studying in Germany.

In that country, Habibie struggled to realize his biggest dream, which was to build an airplane for Indonesia.

In the middle of the process he is undergoing in achieving his dream, Habibie meets a Polish girl named Ilona Ianovska (Chelsea Iceland).

Often spending time together, it makes the seeds of love between the two grow and live a love story.

Until one day Habibie's mother, who initially did not know about her son's relationship, finally decided to meet Ilona in Germany.

In addition to his love story with Ilona, ​​there is also a love triangle story involving a noble girl from Solo named Ayu (Beautiful Permatasari).

In the midst of his tempestuous love story, Habibie actually received a call from the Indonesian state, which at that time was newly independent, so it needed a genius, creative, and unyielding young man like himself.

Interesting Facts about Habibie & Ainun 2

Taking the storyline backwards, the film Habibie & Ainun 2 certainly has a number of interesting facts that not many people know, gang.

Well, here are some interesting facts about the Habibie & Ainun 2 movie that you should know before watching the film.

  • It turns out that Reza Rahadian chose Chelsea Islan himself to be his co-star in the movie Habibie & Ainun 2, you know, gang.

  • Playing the role of a German woman, it made Chelsea have to learn German to deepen the character that was brought.

  • The process of shooting the film Habibie & Ainun 2 was mostly done in Germany, the country where Habibie studied.

  • Not only taking the setting in Germany, Cisarua is also the location of choice for filming the movie Habibie & Ainun 2 because the temperature is almost similar to Germany.

  • In the movie Habibie & Ainun 2, it turns out that B. J. Habibie also controls the shooting process, you know.

Watch Movie Habibie & Ainun 2

InformationHabibie & Ainun 2
Reviews (Number of Reviewers)7.6 (547)
Duration2 hours 4 minutes


Release Date30 June 2016
DirectorHanung Bramantyo
PlayerBoris Bokir

Chelsea Islan

Well, for those of you who are curious about the full story of this film, you can watch the Habibie & Ainun 2 movie below, gang. Check it out!

>>>Watch Habibie & Ainun 2 Movie<<<

That was the synopsis and some interesting facts about the movie Habibie & Ainun 2 which tells the story of Habibie's youth before finally choosing Ainun as his life partner, the gang.

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