exciting! These are 12 old school games that can be played on Android phones

Do you miss playing old school games with your friends in elementary school? Let's get nostalgic with a row of old school games that can be played on Android phones!

Do you like to miss old school games on your console or cellphone when you were in elementary school? You know, it turns out that there are some old school games that are being playedremake reset to be able to be played on an Android smartphone.

What are these old Android games?

After previously JalanTikus had presented the article 5 These Applications Can Make You Nostalgic With Old Gadgets!, so in this article you will definitely stuck with nostalgia like Raisa.

It's cool, JalanTikus also loves link Download this old, cool, and unique game! Let's see right away!

Ancient Games You Can Play on Android Phones

1. TETRIS Blitz

Well, you definitely know the legendary game from the gimbot era? TETRIS Blitz Coming with all new features, stunning visuals and innovative controls, this twist on the game puzzle world famous that you must have.

Experience explosion effects and earn double points when you trigger modes Frenzy difficult to be a challenge for you.

Download fun, old school, and unique Android games on JalanTikus:

Puzzle Games DOWNLOAD

2. Tamagotchi L.I.F.E

Tamagotchi L.I.F.E is a simulation of animal rearing that had boom in the 2000s. This game requires us to take care of virtual animals from eggs to growing up.

The difference with old school tamagotchi, you have to take care of virtual animals on your smartphone. More fun right?!

Download fun, old-school and unique Android games here:

Namco Bandai Strategy Games DOWNLOAD

3. Bounce Original

Games Bounce Original offers 10 levels and all you have to do is collect as many rings as you can in the game and find the door to advance to the next level. Almost the same as the classic games on the Nokia 3310 first.

The only difference is controllerwhich is touch screen Android. You can read tutorials play it in the article How to Play the Legendary BOUNCE Game on an Android Smartphone.

Download the game only at JalanTikus:

Arcade Games 35cm Games DOWNLOAD

4. Pac-Man + Tournaments

Pac-Man + Tournaments now free to play. By carrying platform Arcade classic, this app includes new tournaments featuring updated mazes, score-based performance multiplier, 10x as much bonus as Classic Pac-Man, and much more with no changes gameplay the classic.

Download old school Android games here:

Arcade Games DOWNLOAD

5. Snake Rewind

Surely you know about this game and how to play it. Yes, yes, you must have played the legendary Snake game on an old Nokia phone. Those who play also must feel Flash back in playing the game Snake Rewind. Find the uniqueness and challenges in finding or approaching a point that you usually call the food.

Download the old school game here:

Rumilus Design Simulation Games DOWNLOAD

6. Snakes & Ladders King

Snakes & Ladders King is a strategy game that you've definitely played it. A game that requires luck with two dice to slide into number 1.

You can play in 2P, 3P, 4P game player mode offline nor on line with your friends.

Please download the android game here:

Mobirix Puzzle Games DOWNLOAD

7. Contra: Evolution

Contra: Evolution is the first Contra Official game for Google Play. With a variety of shooting action and gameplay from the 80s supported by 21st century graphics and game controls.

Bill Rizer and Lance Bean return to fight the Aliens in the jungles of South America. Can you survive in one of the games action hardest ever?

Download the old school game here:

PunchBox Studios Adventure Games DOWNLOAD

8. Marine's World

Marine's World is a game platform 2D inspired by the story of Mario Bros. Who doesn't know Super Mario? Well, in Marine's World, the player controls the 'Marine', a small sailor who must pass through three worlds full of traps and enemies.

It's very easy to control the main character in Marine's World. You control your movements using the virtual play stick located on the left side of the screen, while with the two buttons on the right you can jump and shoot fireballs.

Feel the excitement and download the Android game here:

Spring Festivals Adventure Games DOWNLOAD

9. Digimon Heroes!

Surely those of you who lived in the 90s know the famous cartoon, Digimon. Digimon Heroes is a game with matches 3 Card Battle nuanced adventure featuring cast all star Digimon from more than 1000 of your favorite Digimon characters. Just try the fun.

Download the Android game here:

Namco Bandai Card Games DOWNLOAD

10. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Who doesn't know GTA games? Popular Android games are Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas this is not much different from other GTA, only different in the storyline only.

Games that both have amazing graphics and cool textures are still the advantages of this GTA San Andreas game.

You can download the game here:

Adventure Games Rockstar Games DOWNLOAD

11. Space Defense

Still remember the game Space Impact in old school Nokia 3310 and the like or not? The good news is that you can now play Space Impact on platform Android with the name Space Defense. Games Space Defense this will bring you nostalgia with old school games that you used to play on old Nokia phones.

Players have the ability to freely move horizontally and vertically but cannot increase speed auto scrolling screen feature.

You download the game here:

Games ByQ Develop DOWNLOAD

12. Water Gimbot

This local Android game reminds us of the 90s, right? Maybe some of you have a hobby of playing water gimbots as a child or are just feeling it now.

Game made by developer Gamelan Jogja is able to give satisfaction to its users who used to really like this game. Remember, game Water Gimbot This requires the accelerometer sensor in the Android smartphone.

Download android games here:

Jogja Gamelan Simulation Games DOWNLOAD

Well, those are 12 Old Games that you can play on Android. In your opinion, what other old, fun, and unique Android games have JalanTikus been missing? Write your comments in the comments column below, OK!

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