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how to level ragnarok eternal love| level 80 in 7 days

Guide leveling Ragnarok Eternal Love quickly, in just a week you can rise to level 80.

You are having a hard time to leveling Ragnarok Eternal Love?

Indeed without proper knowledge of Ragnarok Eternal Love, you will find it difficult to level up.

To do leveling in Ragnarok Eternal Love there is a way, only with about a week your character can be up to level 80.

How to? Jaka will give you a way leveling Precise and efficient Ragnarok Eternal Love. Read the full article guys.

Ragnarok Eternal Love Leveling Tips

Before we get into how to leveling Ragnarok Eternal Love quickly and efficiently, you have to know how it works Combat Time which is often used for stacking.

Combat Time

1 Day: 300 Minutes Combat Time

Combat Time is your time to fight monsters efficiently. Calculated from the duration you hit the enemy, you will get Normal EXP and Drop Rate while in Combat Time duration.

Outside of Combat Time doesn't mean you can't fight enemies, but EXP and Drop Rate will decrease to zero. So MAKE SURE YOU FIGHT ON THE DURATION OF COMBAT TIME.

The following is a description of Combat Time:

  • Combat Time starts to count when you fight against monsters. If you just walk, it won't count.
  • PVP will not reduce your stamina.
  • Hunting Mini and MVP still make your stamina decrease, but it doesn't affect the decrease drop rate.
  • Mentors get additional combat time from students.

You can also do quests outside of Combat Time, the EXP and Items given by the Quest have no effect at all with Combat Time.


1. Quests by NPCs:

  • Yellow Quest - Main Quest
  • Green Quest - Side Quest
  • Blue Quest - Daily Quest

2. Monster Resistance: Hunting monsters with the services of NPC Monster Resistance to get 10x EXP per monster.

3. Time Rift: Daily quests that grant EXP only when you complete a mission. Monsters that you defeat through this mission will not generate EXP. (Good to do after Combat Time runs out)

4. Quest Board: Quest boards in each city, like NPCs you can receive various quests with large EXP rewards.

Grinding Monsters

Grinding monsters is an activity against monsters in duration Combat Time, you can do this with Auto.

Set your auto to fight enemies that have a lot of EXP to be able to level up quickly. To find out which monster suits you grinding, see the trick leveling under.

Ragnarok Eternal Love Leveling Trick

Level 1-28: Quest

When you start the game, the game will provide a tutorial that will teach you basic game.

For beginners who still have a low level, you should do quests around South Prontera instead of fighting monsters. Quests will give you more EXP.

When the quest in South Prontera runs out, you will get the next quest in the city of Rune Midgard. As before, complete all the quests, especially the yellow ones.

BARD QUEST helps you to gain extra EXP by hunting small monsters, but is good for efficient leveling. Use only after you spend combat time

After all Main Quests are completed, you will get a Job Change quest. Do all the quests as usual until you get access to North Prontera.

DO GRINDING WORMTAIL there with auto, you will get a lot of EXP by grinding this monster. Leave 100 combat time for Daily Quest Monster Resistance.


Base Exp: 220 Base Exp

Job Exp: 148 Job Exp

Level 18-40: Rift Fixing & Pet Adventure Book

At this stage, do the quest in Izulde, Goblin Forest, and Mjolnir. Then also do quests on the board and Rift Fixing.

Also do quests Pet Adventure Book from the NPCs who are in the area under Prontera near the music. This quest provides a fairly large Base and Job EXP.

By doing the quest above, you should be around level 35.

Do grinding monsters back in the Mjolnir area, you should do grinding against the Hornet monsters there.


Base Exp: 225 Base Exp

Job Exp: 178 Job Exp

Level 40-80: Grinding and Quest

At this high enough level, you will spend a lot of time grinding compared to quests. However, you will have to grind with the right monsters according to your level.

Here's the info grinding the right one for your level:

  • Level 40-45: Grind Goblins in Goblin Forrest.
  • Level 45-60: Grind Metaller in Prontera North Field.
  • Level 60-80: Grind Mantis in Prontera North Field.

Base Exp: about 240 Base Exp (varies)

Job Exp: around 140 Job Exp (varies)


Base Exp: 738 Base Exp

Job Exp: 466 Job Exp


Base Exp: 872 Base Exp

Job Exp: 550 Job Exp

Jaka will update this guide when there are further developments

That's the way leveling Ragnarok Eternal Love quickly and efficiently. Slightly different from games Ragnarok Online that we used to know, right?

With this guide, Jaka hopes that it can help you to level up quickly. How many days do you need to be at level 80 guys?

Write your opinion about how to level up Ragnarok Eternal Love, yes, we will discuss it in the comments column. See you at updates next!

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