15 most thrilling android rpg games 2017

Various stories and excitement are offered by RPG games that can be played on smartphones. Here, ApkVenue has recommendations for 15 thrilling RPG games for Android that are guaranteed to make you regret if you don't download them!

Role-playing games (RPG) are one of the most popular game genres in great demand gamers. An RPG is a game where players play the role of imaginary characters and follow the story the game tells. In the past, RPG games could only be played on PC or PlayStation, but along with the times, today's RPG games can be found easily on the internet Play Store to play on Android.

Various stories and fun are offered by RPG games which can be played on a smartphone. Here Jaka has a recommendation 15 thrilling RPG games for Android which is guaranteed to make you regret if you don't download it!

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15 Most Thrilling Android RPG Games 2017

1. War of Rings-Cross Server Battle

The first RPG game that is exciting, thrilling, and too good to miss is War of Rings-Cross Server Battle. This game has many unique game modes and game systems such as free weapon system, free trading system, powerful social system and so on. This game takes place in the world of creatures like elves, dwarves, gnomes, orcs, and cyclopses.

2. King's Raid

This game with good graphics invites players to create their own team for fight evil boss as well as strong enemies. Of course not easy to beat the enemy which is so much. It takes skill and punctuality to win. With a fantastic story and challenging battles, this RPG game is perfect for true gamers.

3. Soulcraft Action RPG

Players will play the role of a soldier to get rid of the killers and rid the city of evil. In this thrilling action game, it's as if the player is an angel who must face the devil and become a hero on earth. MobileBits GmbH as the owner of this game continues to develop to increase the satisfaction of the players.

4. S.O.L: Stone of Life EX

Oddy Arts offers an RPG game that stylish and can be played offline. Stone of Life EX Places players in endless dungeons. There are unlimited challenges for various thrilling missions. Players are challenged get high score with different tactics and strategies. There will be many enemies to face like a powerful giant with deadly weapons.

5. Dungeon Quest

Dungeon Quest is an RPG game from Shiny Box which leads the player to embark on a journey to find the best treasures and defeat all enemies. Good graphic design complements the excitement of the battle to be faced. This game is really test skills and tactics and strategies to achieve victory.

6. Ethernium

Games from Making Fun it offers a game with amazing graphics. Players are invited venture into dark caves and dungeons, forests, villages, and cemeteries. The long journey to the moon to kill the strange creatures among the craters and valleys. Players will experience a tense storyline, full of intrigue, and exciting battles.

7. Dungeon Hunter 5

More than ten million people have played this RPG game. Players will play the role of a hero who fight against bandits and monsters who cause chaos and terrible terrors. Monsters, evil knights, demon minions, evil wizards, and other enemies that can be found in various places with Amazing game graphics.

8. Legend of Darkness

Legend of Darkness is a simple RPG game that is suitable for beginners to play. As a hero, player must succeed in killing monsters to reach the top level. Then kill different types of bosses hiding in certain places. There is lots of equipment which can be obtained from the results of killing monsters which can then be used to kill other monsters and bosses that must be eliminated.

9. Chroisen 2

King Kong Games Inc guarantees that players will get all the fun playing RPG games through Chroisen 2. After the success of the first series in 2009, Chroisen again invites players to participate in role-playing games with various characters and unique weapons. The player's task is kill the enemies with available weapons. This game has been downloaded more than 1 million times and got a lot of appreciation from the players.

10. Iron Bladen-Medival Legends

Demon Lord Baal back to try to claim this world. Players must be heroes for save all mankind from eternity in hell. Defeat countless threats by battling demon armies and eliminating hordes of the undead in Scotland and expel the Vampires in Transylvania. This fun game has realistic graphics and intense battles.

11. Summoner's War: Sky Arena

Summoner's War: Sky Arena into an action-packed fantasy RPG game and battle for the vital energy source called Mana Crystal. There are more than 1000 types of monsters competing to win. Each monster has skills amazing things that you can choose to make a great team to get Mana Crystals and win the battle.

12. Kritika: The White Knight

RPG game from GAMEVIL This invites players to feel the adrenaline that is exciting and really tense. Players can choose to play the character with various strengths and advantages. There are many different game systems. Players can test their skills and abilities to play action RPG games with Kritika: The White Knights.

13. Broken Dawn II

Broken Dawn II offers attractive, super fun and thrilling battles. Game role-playing this one also has perfect graphics and a suspenseful story.

With good game control, players are assigned eradicating a new type of virus that spreads and infects creatures such as humans and animals. Due to this virus, monsters appear and the player must face the monsters in order to successfully eliminate the virus.

14. Aurum Blade EX

Aurum Blade Ex invites players to play game characters with attractive visuals, but with tense action. The main task is to stop Duke Marduk which is the cause of bad things that happen. This game has a fast-paced gameplay with lethal weapons, thrilling attacks, spells and really great controls test player skills.

15. Postknight

The ultimate thrilling RPG game for Android is Postknight. Games from Kurechi It's designed to be a fun, exciting and thrilling game. Based on the story of a warrior who is tasked with a difficult and dangerous mission in the kingdom Grand Kurestal. There are many characters and enemies that will be encountered in the missions that are run. An exciting adventure that is not to be missed.

That's 15 thrilling RPG games for Android. If you've played these games, which one do you think is the most stressful and interesting to play? For those who have never played it, hurry up and download it! Guaranteed, you won't regret it!

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