here's the difference between mp3, mp4, and m4a: which is the best?

If you often listen to music, either through your Android smartphone device or through a computer device, you must have heard of mp3, mp4, and m4a.

If you often listen to music, either through an Android smartphone device or through a computer device or through a streaming service, of course you will be very familiar with music file formats. MP3, MP4 and M4A. These three music file formats themselves are still being used in audio and video files.

So, the question is what exactly are MP3, MP4 and M4A files and what are the differences between the three files? Which file format can we call the best file format for audio files? Well, to answer your questions, here's a brief explanation of the three file formats and their differences.

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Differences in 3 Audio File Formats in Gadgets

1. MP3 File Format


MP3 or what it's actually called MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 Audio Layer III, is a audio file format using compression technique lossy to do the process encode in order to reduce the size audio files raw. Several years ago this MP3 was very widely used because able to reduce size audio files raw up to 95%. File formats this itself was first created by Moving Pictures Expert Group (MPEG).

2. MP4 and M4A File Formats


MP4 or MPEG-4 Part 14 is a file format which is generally used for file format on audio as well as video. In addition, it can also be used to store subtitles and even pictures. Just like MP3, MP4 also uses compression techniques lossy and has now become a replacement format for MP3 because in terms of quality, MP4 is considered much better than its predecessor.


Then what about the M4A? M4A itself is actually a file format which is the same as MP4 except that this format itself is more specifically for use in files which contains only audio and no video. File formats M4A itself became popular when parties Apple start using it on service iTunes.

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3. Differences in MP3 and MP4/M4A File Formats


The difference between MP3 and MP4/M4A itself lies in their function. MP3 is used to store code from audio files itself while MP4/M4A serves as a container that stores data from audio files or videos. In addition, as explained above, MP4/M4A has its own advantages in terms of storing videos and even images and of course the audio quality of MP4/M4A itself is much better than MP3.

However, MP3 also has its own advantages in terms of the balance between audio quality and size audio files itself. In addition, almost all types of audio players from the old to the modern certainly supports this MP3 format.

So it's up to you whether to prefer better audio quality with a larger file size or sacrifice a bit of audio quality to get audio files friendly to your storage memory.

That's a summary about the file MP3, MP4 and M4A. Hopefully useful and enjoy the music. Make sure you leave a trace in the comments column and share to my friends.

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