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6 ways to hack whatsapp the most popular hacker style, be careful!

Some of the ways to hack WhatsApp that are commonly used by hackers of course you should know. Not for crime, you need to know this method so you don't become a victim of the WA hack!

Now many are looking to find out how to hack WhatsApp. Even though this is something that is illegal and violates policy.

WhatsApp Currently, it is the most used chat application. Besides being easy and practical, the various exciting features in WA certainly make us interested in choosing this one application.

Unfortunately, there is not a lot of news that says that the WhatsApp application is prone to being hacked, aka easy to hijack, you know, gang!

Of course you don't want all the privacy on WhatsApp, whether messages or files that are uploaded to WhatsApp.share to friends is known and disseminated to the public?

Therefore, you should know various how to hack whatsapp Hacker style that ApkVenue will discuss below so you don't become a victim.

How to Hijack WA

Although of course the developers have provided their applications with a capable security system, but in fact there are still many ways to tap cellphones that ultimately make users restless.

For that, there is nothing wrong if we as users know what methods or ways hackers usually do to monitor other people's WhatsApp content, gang.

Well, here are some how to hack WA hacker style that you need to know to help you identify whether there are signs of tapping on your WA account. Check it out!

1. Hack WA Using OTP SMS

Photo source: (Although designed to tighten login security, it turns out that the SMS OTP feature can also be a loophole for how to hack WhatsApp).

In the WhatsApp account verification process, of course you will find the name SMS OTP, where you have to enter the verification code that WhatsApp has sent to your number via SMS.

Well, usually hackers can access the SMS OTP by using the application spyware special. After success, then hackers can freely access activities on your WhatsApp.

To be safe from this threat, ApkVenue has given you tips on how to login WhatsApp without a verification code, right?

In the article, you can see how to log in to WA without a phone number so that your privacy can be maintained, gang.

2. Hack WA Using Spy Apps

The next way to hack WA is to use spy app. Hackers sometimes also need help, one of which is using spy apps or apps hacking which are widely available on the internet.

One of the applications that can be used to hack WhatsApp is WhatsDog. Not only monitoring, this application can also be used for modify your message, you know.


3. Hack WA by Extracting WhatsApp Messages

As we know, WhatsApp provides options backup all messages or chats to help restore deleted WA messages or to make it easier for users when they have to change smartphone devices.

Unfortunately, this feature can be used by hackers to steal your privacy. Through various tricks hacking, hackers can easily make chat backup WA you even by using his own email account!

Automatically, even hackers can access and read all the messages that pass by on your WhatsApp are like how to tap WhatsApp which Jaka describes in the following article!


4. Hack WA Using WhatsApp Web

Photo source: Urbandigital (In addition to using a spy application, WhatsApp Web can also be used to hack WhatsApp, you know).

Just like his name, WhatsApp Web provides facilities that make it easier for us, including hackers, to access WhatsApp from a PC or laptop device.

All you need to do is scan the WhatsApp QR Code from your smartphone so you can then access the WA account on your PC or laptop.

Hackers can of course easily perform these scans and once they have access, they can read, send, and modify messages on your WhatsApp.

Actually, you can also do how to hack a friend's WhatsApp to prank them easily as long as you know how to do this technique, gang.

5. Hack WA by Controlling Smartphone from PC/Laptop

The next way to hack WhatsApp is by using an application that can control a smartphone from a laptop/PC or vice versa.

The technique that is often called mirroring This is quite a lot used by people who don't want to be complicated, because they can control multiple devices at the same time from only one device.

Unfortunately, the sophistication of this technology can reportedly used by hackers yes, gang. When their laptop successfully gets access to your smartphone, then your WhatsApp can be easily controlled by them.

Usually, hackers use help tools sort of Teamviewer Quick to access the entire smartphone screen when doing this WA pirate method.

6. Hack WA Using SS7 Technique (The most powerful way to hack WhatsApp)

Photo source: YouTube (How to hack WA using the SS7 technique is now becoming popular after many applications use two-step verification).

Next there is how to hack WA with SS7. This technique has become popular since the number of applications that use two-step verification.

By hacking WhatsApp, such verification is very easy for hackers to penetrate, including when they want to tap the target's WhatsApp account.

Term Signaling System No.7 (SS7) itself is a signaling protocol used globally to provide telecommunications networks.

This protocol also has various functions related to telephone calls, roaming, SMS, and providing converged voice and data services, gang.

Those are the various alias methods how to hack whatsapp which is usually used by hackers to monitor WA victims, gangs.

After knowing the six things above, ApkVenue hopes that you can be more alert and careful with the security of your WhatsApp account!

Don't let your privacy become the consumption of other people or even the wider community. See you in the next Jaka article!

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